Two Dudes Talking About the Bachelorette: Is the Earth Flat?

Wednesday, June 20th


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It's another week it's a Wednesday it must be time for. The matter. Zulu and. Markets are coworker and I might bachelorette watching costar glad to order them properly elsewhere in never say Q is this isn't this this this is seriously turning into almost dramatic season's the bachelorette. Error. We're really began with what we saw. This past week I think we have a lesson first offer all men to go ahead if you're going to tell a woman and something that you think she wants to hear you don't collar that five minutes later hey I just said that because I wanted you to be happy and liking this is the story of the Cologne a sewer. Yeah which is by the way his title because there's on the long com which is his name. As a mini bottles of Cologne does just doing like on which which means I'm hot sauce a sewer and can be a historic yeah. So this dude says I love you and then she's like little pump the brakes ballot in it and I entered as he's walking out he realized and try to put my. I had my mind in his head which is easy is very empty not a as level that you can't say too much I didn't I didn't meet you back out so he says I'm sorry I just told you what you wanted to hear why I thought you wanted to hear you now she's like okay. Do you favor. Don't even stop walking to leave your suitcases and walk out of the match she kicked it out right there John did you see that movie the extra says I have him that was the look on her face kind of like you know her at spun around like I got it's Alan well that's gonna get me to Wyatt an important point an easy brought up it's very obvious the bachelorette I only has eyes for one guy. Let's get to that in a moment first of all we talked about stupidity of the club the sewer was the first runner up. Mr. stupid it's a floor another way would be LA's own link in the a lakers got some bad things happening with an Israel alive today ABC didn't bother checking out I don't know I don't anticipate Lincoln being around much longer which is probably why ABC's not doing much about the race because of comments. That Lincoln made on this previous week's episode of the bachelorette. There are just flat. Lincoln for the spot I just because we think. I think you're. I just traveling and friction when your ground. Feel like you're walking not played well. Which is first and yes yeah. Then there's quiet and you have to question answers and it. This it true that. Still fall and he's FLAC players and at a good time tonight in the future yeah. I don't know what what you didn't see you equipment can't see is that he's making a circle with his hand OK and so like he's he's got his finger in the circle and that's what how these describe what you say is getting higher on the outside of this old Natalie water with all I think we go to rarely gives a deep thinker yeah. I. Beckett chooses to Lincoln she knows yeah. Literally years of fabulous and subtle conversation just like this that I think we're on the we're gonna pay all right some god she she is absolutely crazy about this Garrett do now again this is a guy who. Who some not so. Attractive rumors have surface about it in the aftermath and then I guess is that'll come to fruition right now. There's one dude yeah who is obviously gonna win this thing have and then everybody else is is kind of dislike hanging out with a flatter her right supermodel with a gold underwear at all and don't forget the port dude who fell off the bed and I told his show started like almost give indicator candlelight vigil that was let's pump the brakes he fell on a bed okay and he came on the show is a chicken. Adds. Another. Again or not total listed by TV almost exploded it was so hot when she soggy area you know then again I said they gear and had that can demand this conversation. Garrett had some some not Sola attractive. In new wind and annuity is Buddha allegations against him his is his FaceBook and in some grim practices. Whether or not that's going to be an issue but right now if it was ending today you'd be right Jess and you gotta agree it's all about Garrett right. The percentage is isn't it when she saw him like other other one on one date it's they should turn to what I got jungle cat she's like. From. East village Kindle does eat right season. She you're not gonna stop watching it come. Way to end this with Dugard and her toilet feelings I don't really feel a a lot that would either feel a Smart and other dudes it's still really good come out clearly Smart.