Two Dudes Talking About The Bachelor: Hometown Dates

Wednesday, February 21st


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All right well the final four was chosen last week mark which means couple pieces of good news the season of the bachelor is almost over. And our job to watching the bachelor is an equally almost almost done this. It is the most dramatic season ever and time even more so dramatic because when your final four was shown the door I know. I thought to win yet she was on my fifth I was on my fifty yeah from a Wiener Arkansas if I got and here's why she is my favorite. Because she was from Wiener Arkin Jack and and and might being them over the bachelor this past week was arteries saying. I mean winner. Ha ha ha ha ha good this strangest thing I was the other day the one with dead. With Kendall strange yeah this is why I think I picked Warren to be the winner this is why I think Cano is going to win now accomplished she took him. On her hometown date. To a storage area somewhere outside LA where it was filled with Texans Herman stay animals yes. Yeah I mean it stilled he was dressed in a while it would sell and they grow it was real bizarre weird so. Not my thing I've my dad has a fish on the wall of his house I helped him schedule I was accused the nice memory. I've had locals with deer heads honored on their walls mean whatever I'm not against Texas during yet however a roomful of that Hamels looking at you and then she says. Let's go work on today's project we are going to stuffed dead rats. About a half after. And and C did not get eliminated. And she's in no Ronde she's in the running I'm sorry DC dead rats down what I doing here what do you buy your reaction people have addiction is that he is gonna be the next bachelorette that's that's just my predict OK you know she's definitely got the character for she's gorgeous because she's got that beautiful southern accent she's from Wiener mean there. Weiner so facilities to the since you're winner is out we've got Kendall. Packet came from Minnesota via by the way it was so cool watch and attend to everywhere they went over really well and then in the Lauren who's going to quietly ruled. Whose dad showed up last couple weeks hit a I think that it's going to be Becky K because Lauren being your the one you want a thicker dense this'll be able to strict. It wasn't a blinking kill him yes yeah Libya and I'm glad I. I was who I was team Laura always Obama's which not enable it that stuffs a rat. You're a human guy and he's like computers or lose a couple of yes. Yeah yeah wins. Just get away and seen nothing is off to Iraq together and Minnesota down home girl I like her I never thought be seen as ever as we wrap this up I'm so stoked for this live meet the bachelor girl what what's it called. The women tell all day on Sunday night you know live with the and that I. That's. FF FF I think so difficult more are we done different we are yet it's our right to do talking about the bachelor can implement this plan.