Trevor Hoffman Calls John and Tammy!

Friday, August 17th


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It is about time that we get to talk about the Trevor Hoffman hall of fame celebration upon either throwing our hall of Famer. It is happening right now this week and the hall of Famer himself is joining us mr. Trevor Hoffman man how are you. Good morning thank Travis. Trevor I. Things could be a fan boy for once again I know you're used to the but I got to do it because I've mention a couple times and you've always been so gracious and kind. I'd agree we will either know how in great it was to watch you play and it means a lot for me to talk to unite us on a flamboyant but I just want. Went out there and it and it needs a lot of appreciate all your important you know undone again got meant that a little bit but. I knew club I was credentials stack and move on. I have to tell you you got me yelled back at echo park. When we first moved here. We had moved here from Madison Wisconsin she got booed IJ IL and I may explain why did you pick. Assad Dirks Bentley was doing a show after the game it was the night that you're Jersey was retired. I thought that was an amazing assigned to me we had just gotten this job in San Diego moved here from Wisconsin. A former Milwaukee brewer than pondering ago right so I get on the might and I sat that and I said it is so awesome because he also played for the Milwaukee Brewers and I just moved here from the Wisconsin and the whole place. Mean. I didn't. You pulled me and every way. No doubt particularly regret that's a little bit hard steel were at me but any value any. I had a my kind of lucky it was good on the recruit a great group and we have little black circuit. Laurie a blast here this weekend the party started actually last night tonight the series for the Diamondbacks continues to have a big old beer fest at the park in the park tonight more on that in a minute Trevor I mean this is obviously something that's huge for you. Where does this lie as far as the the the the career highlights of Trevor Hoffman in the aftermath of the hall of fame induction. I cannot tell you what it's incumbent for sure you know pick you just mentioned that number tarmac which will. Really humbling in the sense that your you realize that and that number never going to be given out again and up reorganization so. On we associated a lot of things are numbers that was a really important deal. On up obviously it all fame almost two weeks ago was this incredible individual miles on but gut. You know to come back and have your organization tick or days that led to celebrate as culminate on Saturday. What abroad that you out and outfielders just that every that it become like a jet and to be able lippi. In line with Tony going on and that's up said that he was able to accomplish. I'll be compared to some degree whatever it is pretty amazing. All right tonight we've got again the series very against the Diamondbacks party apart beer fest Timmy come down Saturday big Zelaya is an audio the Trevor often Cooperstown. Rep lookup slack given away their own deal and Trevor statue on Saturday Sunday. Wraps up with Trevor Robin replica statue all fan giveaway is well. It's all value as it should be Trevor often we're really crank it hells bells all weekend long and San Diego. I really appreciate it to go Rob Lowe told bill might not be great country but it get. What does the name of the group that did he see Dixie if you AC DC but in grass in a bluegrass form that awesome really kickass yeah. Eric oh yes yours are fantastic musicians is very dear very great to listen to your Trevor thank you think you relate any I tell you about my story about getting booed because he will. Yeah. Yeah it's awesome. The. Editorial. Editorial policy map and no it's Steve did nothing to apologize for I knew it was a right sign and it actually turned out to be. And I think you for joining us this morning was an absolute pleasure to chat with you today great thanks Greg very much appreciate.