The Top Embarrassing Things Dads Do

Monday, October 30th


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The question Michelle is tell us the embarrassing things your dad did to embarrass the crap Nadia. All these despite being an himself. I am sick pride in that that's for sure it is our right as fathers to properly embarrass our children. It actually it's so prevalent. That I've got a list of the top things that dads do to embarrass you as children. What do you think is on that list 619570. Number 1973. With John and Tony Mancuso and our what do you think that was Elizabeth how does your dad embarrass you. Pardon the big day. Elizabeth this far is 44 near dates of the that your dad delights to do. What what was your reaction when your dad or do horrified Rio. Being completely healed slowly and yeah it and he read that they'd like oh my god I'm sorry. Now let's go now I have please don't follow her on a strange man passing gas in my house. His party analyst. Well kinda okay. Stinking up the bathroom was all that's that's just the same that is good numbers for I remember Hillary. It's a cliche that you see that on TV all the time my dad's coming up the. No credible friends there and hours totally polluted yeah it's totally true as many blindness field sixteen candles. What do you think is an analyst 619570. Number 1973. My dad well we had a a baseball function. And the baseball functioned this sort of be another doing. Parent dancing and stuff like that and my mom wasn't there so my dad. Grabbed a chair and started dancing with the chair. Dancing dad's. Our four on the list and he's not too hard yet they even. Dancing dads has its own web site has its own FaceBook page I could actually get the five. Top songs from dancing now dancing dad loves staying alive but the Vijay he's right you sexy thing by hot chocolate and Waterloo by. Alba okay Levy and read by Kristin berg well. Busted again it did Allen Danny Danny Davis or maybe dad's grab a mom to show off from Italy who knows him left stands by David though it tough for. Dead ends and thought that's fine how are battling with for another day and will he thinks I'm Alison we'll take SE identity embarrassed. I don't know. Maybe she. Three something with your date somebody was meeting of potential dates. Not well okay arms and let me give you a lot that's that's not out of but the assuming you pick from yeah it's amazing I think dancing the dad's number four number three sticking to the bathroom. Number two dressing with zero style ROK area and the number one thing that is due to embarrass everybody and you clue. Tammy. The haircut yeah would you cut. And the barbershop that's funny I give my them. I hid. Jokes okay. I'll play guys like gadget that over the weekend when we were Skyping he's notorious for the lame jokes and and so sweet back to my father I say dad your jokes should be in Laffy taffy not I have those cute little kid jokes and jokes are. Kathy Jo. My father used to more east does it. Like let's say bite your tongue at the table and it all but my dog finally believed to have quality of food rudder. Worry time god for bid. My dad picks you are actually picking your but we don't want to go to the movies you pricking your seats. Our guest is investing now I use those same. The mortified in my children's at all on full circle.