Throwback Thursday - September 14th, 2017

Thursday, September 14th


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We go to San teams say you're going to Vanessa what's up but now sunk. Do great Ellis talk about troll dolls has a look a little back in the future or that it back in time rather. Fourth rollback Thursday Vanessa I have three pieces of audio all of these things happened in this particular year. So after you listen to them what they want ask you for your gas okay. All right here we go listen up to your three pieces of audio. It was an improvement from the two packets to shoot him. Maybe tickets absolutely confident I can and the human. You are the husbands. That they never had. You want to dream boat got it never came along you are the one night stand that they did that tonight with few onstage. Just can't get them a gift I have seen I don't know until about dividend male what would you like to tell them loud and lots of man. No boyfriend by just ends Bieber was a big hits on. All sell the movie magic my peak was popular and it Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married that was some. Street audio people think congratulations and just a wash your man is why this room where did you find him. How was funny though funny I cannot the other wedding itself and doesn't really you think they'll have been done. Vanessa. She and thinking she actually did go back into. Pop. Up like god yeah ever occurrence we actually saw your interview manner I would again she sent her back to a 2013. You would be wrong. We could still be wrong and that's when he told deuce points well. Well anyway Vanessa enjoyed 93 2012 it was a forehand. Up up up up up up up. Anyway when Vanessa calls back we're gonna setter up with a four pack of tickets to the Powell way rodeo hole which she comes back before next weekend. If that happens Friday and Saturday. It. Vanessa I enjoyed 2012.