Throwback Thursday - July 13th, 2017

Thursday, July 13th


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Elise is in mission valley daily Zarryon. So great with the the while Elizabeth over the current NHL I was about Neitzel he sounded like yeah you got pushed really sticky for that. Well what happened I I pray I'm like every week. And I'm pretty only spot. I'll leave. Ladies. I keep your plan I am home he put the gonna tell you and I play along honor I'm not. A call and. He talks the talk will she walk the walk let's see three audio clips Tammy is picked. You could be your first lease we ought to play I'll pick second let's go there ms. Snowe a doll carriage here we go. IPhone I'm sure you give you the I found. Today. You're doing behind. Angry tech yeah. I always parizeau has preparing for jail here we go liberty and asking Martha Stewart for shark bite tips. And I made even Revlon to market signature new louse things spray to break. OK so this is the year and iPhone debut what is. This is the your parents children had to go to jail and Brad Paisley online was a top song of that year mom Mara good goalies what you do. Down and. Dan you know I had to Alan band. That. 2007. Something in me is saying that you're you're a little leak and it happened earlier and I. I don't know and listen believe it what do I know from I'm gonna go ahead I'll say 2005. Volleys is seen. But on my. Savage. Always you know you do there hold your shot girlfriend. And at least once a point that for him and girlfriend. I see what a snap then I forgot you can't I can't teach comes with a police I can't beat shall receive this man's girlfriend and honest and yeah. Always in getting you 150 dollars. Just been at the GTM story she would GT ME contempt and TNT lemon grove and now or time may say you can also visit. GT and stores dot com. The violence and a cup.