Throwback Thursday - August 8th, 2017

Thursday, August 3rd


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I was kind of cool. Universal c.'s good morning to Andrew Andrew hasn't played the back Thursday in months but as the veteran of throwback Thursday a matter of fact and it was triumph at one time and come out triumph the entire group and relieved that this is what they call the rubber match injure. That era. That are standing ticket. Utility and no I'm not going to do three audio clips off from a particular year. Injury to a gas first listen up to your throwback Thursday. I don't you up on it online dating service. Woody Williams broke Romney seemed to be. I'm the mom of the hottest house by an orange county and the hell yeah I'm oh OK you know I'll give them. But who's singles mix. Clothing I'm. Signs written look at. His office. This can we thank you and I know it's not amateur cook up a draft last year. Hey you than the dollar out of flats in light of the highway is the song. And real housewives of Orange County debuted this year and it just for you John. And snakes on a plane was when when the movies out in this particular year and you wouldn't know him but it. Like the book however out of flat from I don't song never really I mean the current EU the everybody rout of pot that the panic I mean it Brit macro picture of getting in the country. Club alive I was required that the two of them. Com on the go with 2003. Our first year. I too need the Rascal Flatts connection I have no idea anyhow as well as when stars like that that's a wash for me. And I was thinking that sneaks and lately the 2007 but now. Starting country in 2000 breast implants. There for a record out in 2000 to 2004. Would you go with Andrew. Policy 2004. It. Wrong it is actually 2000 ninths. To have this Lucy yes yes but the good the good news about this is that I injury you don't call away. Empty handed. You ready. You are going to Del Mar this Saturday night to see Billy Covington. Oh no way and you have the VIP wrist bands. Which means you get the VIP concert area that the private bar private bathroom and limited seating. Allow. Blows up in the summer 101000 tickets Andrew. We appreciate you meet again until we get into the match Andrew. Thought at your door. And if so it's it's still 1210. Again until we meet again to play its.