Throwback Thursday - August 31st, 2017

Thursday, August 31st


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I don't back in time this morning. We just steamy Ramona housing gone Shawna. And Dario please don't leave god air conditioning I do okay good job you know don't worry guys but you guys in Ramona it's hot man okay. So all of these three audio clips are from the same year. While plan he'll listen to all three I'll explain them afterwards and then he'll make your gas OK okay here we go listen up to your throwback Thursday audio. Follow does what data is jazz one day it is. Everybody but I guess what today is it's pumped. Now you can own a piece of candy crush saga king digital file the paperwork for its first public stock offering. I say yeah. There are so many up and coming artists that are trying to get a break in these guys who have. It's on it look at this isn't a chip producer Jessica as she was dancing in there and she's mad that you started talking all over the and that she loved that sorry Jessica that makes me nervous though on live radio. I think man is hot cakes yeah. All of this first your Geico unveil there a hole. Commercials. Candy crush came out in everybody was playing it. And hand the weird weird weird weird weird song what does the fox saying. And I'm pleased with Democrats on it. Annoying but it's catchy and have it to the funk that's my hip. All right I know. It's a hop version of red Solo Cup. Sean. Oh my gosh it's OK I don't like it tonight you're all right diet Shawna what do you think bell went down and. I don't think it was very long ago and neither. Mean. Let's say 2013. I wrote that down too enamored on 2014. And I think that's what I was gonna go with and to use it can be crushed they seem to recant because being run longer than that. So let's go one year early posted 2012. John is wrong you are. Ha. Still communities tariffs on the thirteen narrowing down to yes you wrote it down right it was a very I just need to donation page right John and yeah okay today they're rainy today so let me ask your question. Is off topic. Dear star traffic because not time for what would you do with you found out that your morning shows having a luncheon together and you were invited. Our path and not think even in you know having it as a shallow hole all in all year and my husband were invited by producer Stefan her husband. For dinner. Only two months ago and we finally were able to get mentally and there's two other friends coming mission not a show thing let's recreate Shaun Wright does to the Lucille Ball that's messed up. Thank you blessed love you Sean. I got your back on. He thought right. Irate shot we're gonna sit here with a pair tickets to the Del Mar thoroughbred club. For laying these.