Throwback Thursday - April 20th, 2017

Thursday, April 20th


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Josh is in San Marcos morning Josh. So bro here's the deal with Tim has been working real bargains and year to get in some specific audio clips ready for us. You analysts in the three clips you're gonna guess the year that I guess the year okay. Tammy are you listen up. You revert to the prophecy of the one who bring balance to before. Believe it's this board flu season usually strong with the yeah you can reveal ourselves to the judge yeah and something you wish. Liz and then there. All right so. Don't take that song necessarily for that year it's the artist OK in. Art. I can make a big reason why is because this was the very first ever Coachella. And I had to find an artist that my only on from that every kind of figure everybody knows that's not sell it was the year of the very first Coachella. Star Wars phantom menace was out and sponge Bob square pants started started. All right Josh Josh I think you're quite a bit younger than I am so this might be. Mean even before I don't. We are taking yours so I guess. Maybe before our time would take Vegas with the what you think that would down. At. 98. And in. Kind of thing. Okay an answer in the three. And that is I with a C 94. You're both wrong. It's closer 99 please. Although. Mine in Europe and that was the layoff ninety's now Josh you in 1999. I would actually though the on the back watches Bob and our. That I don't know him now. Remember part or our way with a sponge Bob movie. Know what phantom phantom has got you okay so cool. I was beautiful to his news. Beautiful states are now home he won't quote. Our that's right you still are the winner honey and we repaired to its feet go see Willie Nelson. Wednesday 16 at Humphries that's next Wednesday and it's conference of kids once legendary country which of course everyone here in Houston and HD two channel. Okay so much. They appreciate it we appreciate you to go take your Josh.