A Thousand Horses on John and Tammy in the Morning

Friday, April 22nd


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I'm Michael bills jacking drama thousand horses they swallowed us and I'm seeing wowed us in that country fest last time we saw them. And they are returning to San Diego to play with Jason el Deen and Thomas threat August 13 tickets. For that show. Go on sale today a thousand horse welcome back to do so and. It's. Did you guys have any time to check out any part of Xenia when you were here I think that we listen to right Michael colored thing it is good or else Celeste and we're. Things get your dad came out yeah whatever we loved it down to us saying yea I mean that's. I want them at Southern California break on our favorite places to play now. Since taking your dad to the zoo take us through that day that must've been fun. Yeah I was up well during got a good thing you do it whoever fairly and I think our little ornament. You know they need to do more for Christmas tree he's. But how we get we get the whole thing got defeated draft. But the panic Campbell you know we kind of did the packaged very well let's think it can handle and kind of go behind the plane that was good it was really cool. I guess income guiding guy you buying an ornament for the scene he was you for your trees. Or the most adorable things I've ever heard him. Well I'd been brilliant but because. Thank you tournament but what. That's right and that he'd better bring it back over your travel and everything. Are on Friday's guys we I have a tradition now for a listeners you. Beat that to weekend meeting Morgan asked someone what they do and then the next person supposed to beat itself who's got the best weakening go ahead and share that so someone else can beat that weekend. Overall to be together at. Food mile I think that's a pretty good. It was a clever thing we can't it is yes your birthday today. And I tell our big week and I were in Greenville, South Carolina tonight in the so we're about thirty minutes from Michael until around town about an hour from mine. So we get all the Stanley all the friends coming out tonight going to be a big party. So big family party whose birthday is today. Michael had a brief video that sweets that's okay as we got that we've got family coming and we got us thinking on in just the last. How did it's going to be tough to beat a thousand horses weekend I look forward to that I was. Dell heavier oil hit. Good. Deng's death. I'm horses and thus the new single off the album of the same name as southern -- some guys from a thousand Morse is now the next time you come to San Diego you gotta pick out something else that's very awesome the San Diego to do because last time needed to zoo. So I have to figure out what you have to go see ya next. We've got guys here don't yet they've lived to be just something. Only heavily you go to growing a couple of those yeah we ask you him. You can go see this sea lions in the seals add Ed children pull Moya I was thinking more like deal that's okay. You can go so I'm glad. Got a builder if you get you up the he's used he'll sell a deal and I. There are no money let's let the. Remember. 1000 horses live free you get there early if you miss a thousand horse's name is one of those live bands at any Foreman has to offer that shows August 13 in those tickets go on sale to day KS ON dot com you guys have a great weekend Michael happy birthday and your families and enjoy the Vidalia onion does deliver great things. We I guess we appreciate it and don't forget to pick in order and now for your wife for the Christmas tree. But threat got to remember I have a long way to take yourselves.