Thompson Square about Working with Spouse

Tuesday, May 17th


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Could you won't work with your spouse do you work with your spouse Jonathan in the morning in San Diego's number one for new country KS on this question. Came up because were fascinated with what's going on with Kelly and Michael this year I guess I'll just live with Kelly and since the search for a new cohost starts again. And the logical choice accorded tam has her is her hunky husband Marcus well I think to do a great job together they're very good together obviously a reason why he's now part of that group. Maybe because they're like you and I there's no way to look at our spouses it's not gonna get it in in. Yeah for the most part I don't think we could I think I would drag my husband not just by style of doing things heal completely different there is. The country. That not only live together sleep together but work together as well done very well for themselves. And that would be a case for Thomson Chaun Thompson from Thompson square joining us this morning. DOD. A total. So we we're talking about couple's story together because we're talking about who can replace Michael on Kelly and Michael and I think your husband said because they're just that good together but some are saying what if they don't work well together. And then of course draws do you guys now correct me if I'm wrong most of your adult like career lives besides just music but other ventures as well you guys have always worked together right for the most part. So yeah yeah holing everything good men where we've been together. What is your secret because neither Tammy or I thank you speak for you we couldn't work with our spouses. Who it. In our case you are getting 88 you have to work where birdies I don't know I think. If you mean you guys have made that choice clearly he didn't have to work together every ever since you know only shot you made that choice to stay together. It would be hard to explain his. You know right this person we met it was. A really good thing really cool thing in. Do you envision where we do wanna be apart and didn't have them. Went from our personal lives immigrants are professional life and they got even better better better and they're mirror you know we celebrated there I think years it's a third yeah. What he's trying to say god if he doesn't wanna be away from me at all. How has very sewage giant I don't know knowing you I I don't blame him play you know we've all been in that position when we first meet each other. That first initial stage or a very passionate relation if you can't stand to be away from each other and guess what a lot of us a pensive stated that after. And I mean no disrespect to any of our spouses but come on it's not like the day we first major break pencils in his with you guys. Well we don't have our moments leading. He hasn't motorcycle regular mutilated remains. And Sean what do you do to get away. He's not a lot of Dwayne the rock Johnson movie marathon. Q you think it's they have. Evaluate all over there. He had been out to give me crap that they invite you out there there's really no way for me this but I turned their agenda designer Greg. Well now Harry Hewitt designer drug czar. As he got anything for an answer any fatigue on anything that made my knees up slowly but you watched at a dinner table sort of god doesn't give Irsay always had an an acid. Hole is that something that I'll Meyer to recognize. Think we can all agree we wanna party would Tammy no I had that sounds like hell. That's quite sure Ernie. But everywhere they're good parties can listen we love you guys so please get back to San Diego soon and thinks the time this morning all right guys guys who do you.