Thomas Rhett Talks About The Making Of "Life Changes" And More With John And Tammy!

Thursday, August 30th


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Million. Pinned down. I'm. PayPal yeah. Saying I'm Mary well we can't be as good as Thomas right is right now first off a congrats on the CME denomination and very well deserved and leading that was probably coming but. And unity for granted either so it's totally cool secondly Thomas read congratulations on life changes only the record the third record the tour the single. Now maybe I'm wrong about this that seems to be deadly when the easiest songs you've ever had to write tomorrow about that. I mean. It did it didn't come out pretty naturally. Just just because I'm basically making work from with things of my life makes sense. But you know what it was it was it was interesting to try to figure out how vulnerable to you billion help personal begin with that and we just added to go a 100% and a patient well well. When I said Thomas I hope we don't misunderstand me when I say easy I don't mean. That it's it's a simple song or are I mean this what you said you promotions is pouring out your body. Yep for sure I mean there was no concept to come up with it was just scraping. Great these circumstances toward your life is shifted. For forever armed and we can a book like three different scenario that I thought really shaped. You know the last ten years in my life and pray in different ways and setup that kept cows on what written. So Thomas for I have to tell you our producer Jessica first and foremost just had heard new baby Walt little tiny Walt. At all and but before she left us for maternity leave. Com she was talking about driving in the car and she was creek an exercise she's like you don't listen to not always liked it but on the way home she really listen to the words. And of course you that you border in complete tears and that it was a couple days later she went into labor soy think you're the reason why she went in early Obama. I don't particularly good thing itself well it's a good thing lazy and it was like she was you know a five month that would probably couple days. Okay that I'm not so good about that yet yet you share an absolute. We forgot common thread is with us we're talking about life changes. By the way congratulations on my machine you know this did you go to die a happy man has recently named when the best songs of the decade so far. They're that is not. Like what in the world. Well it's a beautiful song you had to Nolan when you're writing it that it was something special right not I did I did but it just like when we talk about a decade like I mean millions of songs early to a decade this is very go wolves. Nobody else needs and they let the list maker know we still have a year and a half left so. But you like few others are a look at it now I get that didn't. All right Thomas Wright speak in a life changed John and I Arab big restricted dire right now so we need your help John Sox Thomas have sat. And which one of these are you willing to eat for us here ready to keep in mind Thomas the super and (%expletive) I know he has this is the Thomas rich kid that we knew better but it is our bread man he's a friend of ours are he's gonna do this far so which one will you pick. Eight a full plate of nachos supreme was shredded beef. Beat a big pile of cheesy garlic Fries or C a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with bacon and Mac and cheese. Who'll I'm gonna go with the other garlic trust. You went for the healthiest one digital change your mind from American cheese stuff groceries and Aiken but just straight the great or terrible or you Yang. Now I know guys we appreciate you doing that for us that means a lot to us Thomas rat. They would your junk food for us a. Still but that he put French drug confirming Ali and until there are no different from them. Assets related to it only way to do it Thomas threats is up with us right now and life changes not only the song but the third record and the tour touring with Kenny. Doing the state their tour over the summer handling a houseful of kids crazy busy guy we appreciate you taking the time this morning you're always welcome on his Owen Thomas wood Johnson you know that now. Of did of course and elements so good does seven years and I'm I appreciate every bit of. Are always love you impeach you for joining us this morning I ain't. Yeah likewise our right and what's your babies forming right up pilot props to mrs. Thomas director who is actually home and they can yes exactly how. On a little rock star thing it's great to talk to somebody who's. Absolute dreams have come true now professionally but. Clearly even more importantly to him personally I absolutely it's really inspiring.