The Things We Broke as Kids

Monday, January 22nd


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Did you break your parents and a super expensive are meant a lot to home when you're akin what is your kids break that you elect. And get to that in just a moment with John and Timmy in the morning. Now producers are happy to have us story this year taking your kids to the winery what happens yeah we had a great time in Temecula. And I was there was some friends. Isn't it chatting about. What they'll always remember something that they broke that was super expensive and listen to this and buy your ticket on the story. Please call 6195701973. Unloading Temecula a heaven why and the kids are run in Iraq all its list thingy she is really so wineries are like cup tie no kids allowed but our fight elected its spots. And Chris you're just sharing a story about the tight US market appearance and he broke something very very expensive. Wineries are. Typically family friendly. This one that I went to his death when they had this little art gallery this is 1994 OK and now this sculpture is like apparently you eat like a parent and had a human but on the side of the onerous as to mean. And as the seven mile post hilarious. So I kept like pointing out and poking and I think and never costs 5200. Something dollars. So I kept poking at them but the skit poking at a 5000 dollar but yeah I got out there could care but. Panic poking at nine knocked it over and cracked it right down from a fight and bought crack and talk. Down there and my parents scooped it up there on the shelf and we got that. Heck follow. They have really your best friend would you guys are at a fancy into play today they. Fancy ski lodge town. And were shopping in the downtown area and mean Greg split off. And he wants regardless store that it apparently everything expressed may be. 1415. Rebellious little teenagers well I said the Cragg going into this place at that you go back. Watched any statement that was pretty cautious kid. Mike Greg you got touch anything to go in the store or the hitter Aaron everything's dog food he touched something good and it rolls over and breaks. It with any woman. Round woman about the size of a grapefruit. I'll tell you that doesn't have a hair out over here around humming great recovery through rounds stubs for legs and Rowell and stubs for arms it was like the ugly as they have ever seen. But he broke it these store owners. You. Got the parents and they said your son broke this they have to pay for it. That whereas I don't know 200 dollars. And yeah. Horrible thing you know the next week I go back to his house the first tattoos grounded for at least that we can I go back and this. It's bigger marine was fixed. And they put it and half of the living room TV without. So that every parent he wanted to watch TV had its fair this 200 dollar mistake he had finally makes as a person I'm glad to talk about a real woman hole the rounding up and I'm like he broke around. Yeah. Did you break when you are care what are your kids break 61957. Now. 1973. Johns how ill today so it's just Stefan I it's definitely serious about shaking her kids what that's how. I don't retired and a bracket. Of meal you're steering well glasses of wine could help you stay away from the flu yeah I took full advantage of them wanted to heal up man I was so nervous taking the kids there are lot of kid friendly places still some fragile items from the gift shops mean they got through with nothing broken how yeah no kidding but that's not the case of a lot of us. We'd broken things as kids are kids of broken things what about you Julie what did you break is akin. Well let me it might keep changing may add that I'm other anti. Red hot lap and my pet. Owns you. Or I. Asked. It's now first and foremost were you hurt so I. Had it at lap and oh what are now. Alia I know I have some of that kind of glassware from my grandmother and at. And and I'm telling yeah if my kids would ever touch it and who mobile I'm not that's a all right thank you for sharing let's go to our very own nick did you ever broke anything as a kid mind. More change in the hole and it. You heard. The call Iowa it is working out and moderate. At my weight I was like sixteen years old you know you do your homework for all practice. Her. And well I felt the rumble. And the all come to mind I had to go to bat so. I couldn't. Like artwork out of Iowa I was right middle and everything go right away. In the back at the main group report on the ball in which. Only behind you. Start really does the floor. What your instill. My mother. I didn't get in trouble because you that I have to live with the back but I did that but my life. While they while the inside mix like enough that's not a punishment I'm out okay but they can't. Let's go to Geovany in Claremont he Geovany share what got broken. I found yet so my brother we really got we got to go to big bear your kids our parents remind didn't lift ticket. And in my me and my brother started fighting with the ski coordinated a breaking another glass doors other big brick. Own now. Well okay so what was the outcome means Amy hurts. Nobody got my parents at the paper the new doors and they were like can we get a donated by signed put on and they didn't think that was too funny good. I masri. And I had to spend you remember what it cost. I think it was over I was overjoyed as some dollars yeah they just got done bind us live ticket goes back up 500 dollars. I'm minute period via what you you'll ski every second of this hill and it promised to. You think and yeah. Well thanks Geovany. Let's go to raised in Mira mesa raped what is your story about breaking something when your kid. And ray says he has every one beach with his story. Then he'll never forget something he broke as a kid can't wait to hear. And so when I was fourteen. I wanted to learn how to drive in my friend that that you would teach. Okay and I wanted to show in my view I tried it though instead of waiting for him to the truck and it can we doubt art it I jumper. The driver error or. Yeah meant step and I got it a predator on the time I had it. I've put in their courage to pop the clutch engine on the track down which straight back into it that struck out but at the driveway. Own home and it was like 161000 dollars or the damage and I just gunned and out now says I'm getting made sure in past and that beat let that man. And that parents don't joke about that apparently it was more about says the insurance and everything as a. But I'm not so sure all funny you know it's going to come at a wedding CEO. In this is everything and yet. While the breezy I usually in the ER right if you ever if I don't. Like that in. 200 dollars per picture on it right now yeah. At their absolute.