Thanksgiving at a Restaurant - Yay or Nay?

Tuesday, November 14th


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John antennae in the morning and KS ON what are your thoughts on eating Thanksgiving dinner at their restaurant. For the first time in my life and you'll be doing that and while my youngest daughter. And present have wood and a understatement. Welcome Johnson Hingis in my life I've never been anywhere but with failing on Thanksgiving. Okay and I'm I'd love that under a lucky about that legally moved here we had friends giving because of our fan who with us became fail. As a result of that. My children also the same story my older sister and judge Gino you for many times on the show she was in the apple is she's getting married radiant. On Thanksgiving standard and daughters and I are flying back to Minneapolis. For the holiday. And then of course were doing the wedding on Thanksgiving Saturday whom do we and I porno in a movie on Friday and she's as we win next next week. We I go get Kramer is Murad is right with my Cramer this Julia makes cranberries every year. On Demi should know that we are eating you know at a restaurant here's the deal listen. We might my sister lives in suburban Minneapolis for the wedding itself as in Duluth Minnesota which is about two hours north right on Lake Superior can't. Packing in grocery shopping and finding a place sure if Dick Cook. It's just read it's you can't be done this year most convenient way to do it and is an easy for the bride to be. In a way that's there of you know and beauty and her family is to find a restaurant as a Thanksgiving buffet via was what she did very nice place. Boom but it's it's new for everybody none of us have ever been at a restaurant for Thanksgiving. Julia when she heard that in near lost her mind I thought she was over I thought was exaggerating at first but she's that you understand I've got. You I've got Nana. And Gina in windy the whole house is foolish shafts are O and I was looking for Israel or anything above board whose entire year. Yeah I totally get Ayatollah I totally understand that but you know sometimes things well needless and words and what the best this is the most important thing being together and I give. A complete her from certain more of these. And you know Rolf. Not impressed with that she's not grim OK so. 619570. Number 1973. Let's go to sky and see anti Scott you've done the restaurant for Thanksgiving. Saying an in house of return you want a total ice got to listen to look up. Scott you've done the restaurant for Thanksgiving. I don't want okay well and why only ones. Well all of if you think felt totally of that out of the area and we're score eloquent on the point at which we're about rough or the defection regret we also dumped the milk this or they'll bring all the pleasures and everything. But the old Matt did a law. And edit outlook applicable state but he spoke for itself. I won't know on. Out eat the whole thing and it. It is important that the main problem. All I see okay see why then they'll portions weren't right. At home run record out does that look over the bullet in a. Now you have me thinking there's no after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving sandwich is there. On small unknown Ahmed versions of life with me in just jammed Turkey and how. Against the law if you look pretty so ever about that yeah comfortable. I have the other thing is giving sandwich right 61957. On number 1973. Have you done Thanksgiving and restaurant should it be done. Lots of people restaurants like you element today officer mr. 61957. On number 1973. What do you. Think about eating Thanksgiving dinner with your family at a restaurant as opposed to someone's home and our phone number 619570. Number 1973. That's the story I share my daughter. Is very upset we are flying back to Minnesota. For my sister's wedding which is the Thanksgiving. Saturday. And Julia thought. All the chefs in my from the beginning and yet we always do in making this big spread but just doesn't make any sense as far as. A proximity and end of the location ended its better and more convenient. To have dinner as a family but doing so in a restaurant and that's where everything. Went downhill. Let's go to Mike in CN teel Mike how do you feel about eating at Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant. I would say no on the restaurant however I have gotten to eke out that they get this from arrests started at opposite my own at Thanksgiving dinner. So no cheese eating their dinner at a restaurant but feel free to get something from a restaurant and pass it off as your own absolutely a what is different restaurant I'm curious. I got. Couple orders of the Brussels sprouts with pinch Jeddah from Bobo who only known restaurant then. I had a couple people might damage eighties early dictate what the wants republic only. People that the recipe. Myself and came out pretty good. I came clean Christmas after. After will we got a couple on the. Blowing out hot you know maybe this is watching net the after the on. I'm downgrade thanks so no no did eating the whole dinner in a restaurant but. Feel free to grab what you want from the Russia in the past and office yours out so Lou thanks Mike Baker. All right Amanda you're going to eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant wise that. My husband and I just got married on Saturday on the 1111 bill expanding our. Our remaining the block they get them we're going Gary Thanksgiving specifically to avoid the what happened. And oh yeah I get a hello okay all right Smart girls Smart. I am data got it back after they any they would get well leg here but rather that landed got it about that. No cleanup. Yep I do like that you know me and I do have to tell you Vegas gets very busy during the Thanksgiving holiday I went to go visit my in two lives there. One Thanksgiving holiday and I was shocked how many people goal to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. We're actually leaving early on Friday but I am I gonna argue they didn't armed. Bring back the Smart and so I. We know that you will they not big but it didn't you thinking oh man ends on your wedding. They. Are right Jerry's in north park what's your take on this jury. Well I had portable light and we did in giving prix here that column in light at all Eric would not think Thanksgiving dinner acted quite gotten. Enjoyed that day notes at all and pat bookkeeping that they could exactly what I Atlantic league that Barack. Oh I'm not what I want. I would do that with Andy gets back here for winter break in December I'm gonna get all the things for things giving it will do a real Thanksgiving dinner with the family and I have left overs and her eyes we did it can play every every Thanksgiving Turkey I always say anyway. God love Turkey why don't eat this more throughout the year so just. It's exactly had no yeah I have at I'm not pregnant around. Here are trying to make it a baby. Or ride this year you've inspired me think you. Happy they. In general are they giving Jerry. All right anonymous I don't know of anonymous is a good or bad they were about to find out Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant. So. I'd might might altering finishes its ditched the person's try and rank and and I know that that some people have different sources. But I'm in United States rain that you tell you that I've spent nine thinks Indians not with my family but out. And about in the world and it's all about you wit. And didn't think for that time. Prop popular pick you up with all the respect and thank you for your serve and pick you up. Would you please I think you're dress blues on will go talk to my daughter face to face. Really really maker know what's important in the world again. I'd be more happy when he of real particulars that. Aren't. Yeah okay man and I have to spend another week after an X on apple that will you be with your family and all this holiday season. Got it now thank you for your service and really appreciate those nine Thanksgiving is that you heroes who were there for us so we're all gorging our faces off we really appreciate human. Appreciate that sport and I Julia will be heard them on.