Tell Us Something Good - October 4th, 2017

Wednesday, October 4th


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Which I was having good I'm dying here tells us something good let me see. Only ash and contract. I applied to my eight my dogs Sophia were in the process and teach your pick up her own toys and put him in the toy bot that's very good. And so I'm good. I did make it to get happy meals yesterday and little girl offered my daughter her toy because it was a toy that my daughter wanted to in another little girl had it only god that's awesome. They treated us. She's like you wanted the yellow phony here you can have my toy. And my daughter Stella was like. He. Tell us until I want your Fries huh. It's like some of the plastic toy I can't eat that's. That's very sweet I'll tell you something good I received a wedding invitation. To my sister's wedding my opponent. Judge Jean is getting remarried grace and she's doing it in the very mild month of November in Minnesota Hallie day. It. And it's good it'll be cold. Interest on men don't have any winter clothes I mean were real winter clothes no disrespect San Diego but you know. The sweats in December really a winter clothes on their body that was on the go and receive a wedding invitation and I know how long so that made me feel good. I need to get a hold of your family to have them keep tally of how many times you say I'm so cold and an editor at every something we don't make it. 1957. Known number 1973. In light of all horrible news this past week we're trying to focus on positive and heal and mourn together and by doing that. You know tell something good Europe paid tell us on the gut. I don't think sad is that with everything going on in Las Vegas right now and app that day not being concert called back. Hate that has been going on in the world it also shows. How good of people we have and there's people. Dating strangers then going to donate blood to save lives of people that they don't even now and I think that all the hate is really bringing out but acting them. Dollars and countless stories of it absolutely so many money. So many people saying my life was saved I don't know did it rain as a matter of fact our boy Taylor Winston the marine he probably you he's world famous by now he stole the truck. In Vegas and carded three truckloads of people to the hospital in the midst of gunfire. And we have our show and of course knowledge on CBS morning news and Andy sixty minutes everything Andrew. That's something good all right Kyle tell us something good 61957. On number 1973. I won't play just go to med students sort of throw in my OK then went to ignoring it. You just sit baby were important art and the baby girl. A healthy. And some towns. Eight ounces. Audiences just also remove. A blessing and I'm extremely excited form he moved out this year I'm not your wage such. So it's they're do a pretty cool off from. All we did extremely early in the morning. News. The overwhelmed with joy and happiness or consider all the bets that the Obama right now we got forty meters we need it stops and things talk about their goal. As awesome can't try to some works I don't know exactly when this mile hiking and I smile that was us also casting him. Circle life maybe that's right. The circle life they are experienced electrical 619570. Number 1973. Tell us something good we're Johnson and as you can tell we are trying to ease back into business as usual here with John and Tammy in the morning averaged just. Heavy conversations last couple of days. It had to be done but now we're moving on and we want you to tell us something good to get us started. 619570. Number 1973. He loves. You two men that was going on tells them that please. I know. But turned into Iran I am hiring only got a car accident own hole and I totaled my car oh honey you're okay. I do I'm there really are and I are doing with the burn and burn from the air bag at about it okay. And I I am I have been and I ended up they've been on in a car payment over Warner Allard I'm in London at seven every. We don't know we are being relocated to Pearl Harbor light. Cook okay so. Because the accident insurance covered everything now you're saving money if you're getting to go to Hawaii. Aren't they my husband and I navy. Doesn't look at. And I think. It up. Iowa I you're like you you're looking at something that was bad entering into something good and most importantly hero. Learning that aren't you glad being. And I you know every evening carried out for a reason and and we were struggling financially and everything turned out the way that it was. Well I'm glad you're alive and I'm glad you found the blessing in that sweet Eric yeah. Yeah right no kidding no kidding we'll have a safe trip till I remember you can listen to us on the key is when Anthony. I'm wondering what are your your looks sorry thank you sweetheart I'm in. A. Whose name. So I guess congratulations on the car accident and well you said she found the blessing and I love that. There's usually one and everything even even if it doesn't seem like Perez went with us like he move in Hawaii tan in beautiful I'll try like I'm like when we are told from. Where your movie from called Wisconsin to San Diego that you're right. Oh man rides. Up. I never I never thought I didn't like winter until I moved to America's finest that he gets what I don't want to hear from winter. I didn't enough. And if I all but the snow saying. Get us through the morning and warm your car the 45 below zero if you like in the snow beginning to get your card or opened up a a source tells of a good 619570. Number 197 through that Mike. 47 days there's going to be a loud rumble heading down to Del Mar racetrack. To sports Toys for Tots program. And that rumble would be how many motorcycles do you think Mike. Well from our latest assessment well over 500. Wow 500 riders for your Toys for Tots drive that's amazing. We've got people coming from Las Vegas and got people coming from Phoenix from him up from LA Orange County. All over San Diego and Riverside we have some of the most amazing prizes. That we could ever thank goat to give people to say thank you. That's awesome and we're super excited for that coming to town and. What you're gonna raise for Toys for Tots is going to be terrific kids toys at some England nice job now. Thank you can't lose that's coming here again I love tell me something good we can do in this room.