Tell Us Something Good!

Tuesday, October 3rd


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We started doing this recently and it's really fitting today Schering at things that make you feel good. And we called attack Telus something good. Yeah. 619570. Number 1973. I do love you and yeah and I think it's more important than ever today and he tells me the good. Stephanie is in El Cajon OK Stephanie tell us something good. Target something gut. You've got it I know you probably hear it all the time but every morning I wake up smiling and I don't like it did you eat that every date. You don't really care soccer community that I really care about the military. And you know what I don't wanna beat think you'd yield which you have like a radio appreciation. Well I am. On the horn on the board and our downfall to that carries that into this right now this might be an overstatement. That's called ball to haul my god speed cut bait you freer kind words Mary night yes the is very sunny. We need your help you be money to call deep into our plans to release in late police tell us something good. July oh my daughter is gonna be engaged and hopefully sometime within. That they can borrow my grandson will be born. Is that something good that is something great now do you play yourself Graham Margie have a different nickname. I'm I'm pretty sure I'm an albino and. Nona okay I think he's a much congratulations not. But orchid is an alcohol would have pretty name or something good. You added. How old Mario. And when it went however there are all like that. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty agreed to pay you thirty. Yeah. Hillary sound when he wanted to create a Yankee doodle happy birthday. All our own it may degrade orchid take care. Let's go to Megan in Spring Valley Megyn tell us something then. I go back and carry out. I have my the airport graduate graduation where she lay on her and an upper class. All night and our former first service forests. That really well okay daycare Janet lol I tell us something good. I. I have all the fat is everything I decided yet my eighth birthday there they. Listen to our involved. Yeah and I have I think they did I not been inside your iPod while my friend about it at that that you know out of their way to get back. You know third picky and you know what's going on around you and it anything we're app back our out year you know. You could help yeah out there. Yeah like a boss good for you William lady proactively that's a great idea. Or thank you for that I don't connect. You about something good. Willful intent John Flint center today to honor Tom Petty and his legacy. Get tempo in the heart breakers the debut. Damn the torpedoes the legendary. And then southern accents and listen to them nonstop to make you feel good Oka and tried to talk coped yesterday aren't.