Team Taylor - Tammy and Katie

Tuesday, May 3rd


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You mean it was. A member of team Edward. Until stagecoach ranks is team Jacob all the way you know you want to find out why I'm here alone pushing yourself to us I took herself be with Taylor brought. Larry I do think if if if it. Carol there was that stage coach and I believe he was watching and enjoying the Chris Stapleton set when you when you usually when when we saw him. Tammy some walking out yeah we did but I didn't even know he was there and sudden. I am until we heard. One of our young ladies who is with us at stage coaches and their boss's daughter. Who definitely found out he was there you wanna hear what excitement sounds like through the mouth of the fourteen. Year old young lady check this. Scary fourteen or fifteen I forgot. Fourteen us fourteen again in this case you forgot what it sounds like. You're the extent of a fourteen year old seeing hunky Taylor Loughner stagecoach. I stay yeah. Why is he here outlook isn't good yeah. We will all quick yeah I think we can. Yeah we rent as the only. I don't know is and I'm thinking. Yeah I don't want you playing a parent like not only here in these. Longingly. I had early. Yeah. I'm losing I think that you need I can clean it anyhow yeah. Time. You're kidding me yeah. My job. And be a nap. Yeah there is excitement there isn't always so adorable you believe how awesome she sounds explain what he was wearing. Yeah like Wesley ceremony. Yeah. Yeah. Annual rate. Oh literally every guy I need to where his hot white teacher when they meet needs asked and how clear we're clear it's. That's and it certainly wasn't allies sounded album when we Europe we are awaiting to leave the grounds and jog actually is one is that hey. That's your Walter walker walk now so I Sauna like you know if Katie can't get a picture how much get a picture back up. So this is it is audio Tammy didn't graduate Taylor. Hey hey hey Tim your completely different completely different I saw him leaving and I said you know what I'm toll is in the democratic. So I said hey Taylor and I saw him kind of like he can tell by his body English just like our. I was almost out prayed that he was I savvy Tehran is that I realize how. Pretty one demeanor out all right anyway it's nice that I got totally jealous of fourteen year old got a picture if you can make yourself he said sure so that's how you use an. Alma Graham align solely to stop them and shame him into taking a picture absolutely. Hooked up. Who would you have done studies can't walk and Legos are in my column and I figured that it whatever but I used it now like I'm totally you know using it against my daughter who is. Beyond irritated that I got that picture now people have. Especially these are kind of hypocritical you're Twyla allegiance you're so in new episodes of metal work and you then they're taken pictures. Thought area. My ball.