Teachers Are Heroes - Susan Bruner

Tuesday, November 14th


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We had a wonderful opportunity yesterday really was an honor for Tim and I we both have teachers and our families to present along with dozens of Pacific University. Teachers are hero award to a very deserving teacher at sixth grade of San Miguel elementary school mrs. Susan Bruener. And. She was absolutely marvelous the issue CSU was and we have fun meeting the students to. Well. Okay this. We'll put it and we'll call disease. All right it's okay you would love to be here to see that they lose. And it's almost bruises that bright and you see how well I'm. CEO. Didn't we pretty cool. A lot crazy they know me well. You recognize me here anymore. The. Are twenty others don't know that the game the awards will be walking the assembly. And there's. A handful of teachers. That this could event and not the unique part about today is that when that there are so yesterday was that when the letter was read the nomination letter that the school's principal presented. For the teachers are heroes nomination. Everywhere he knew would add that very clearly knew he had the teacher licensed and rates at a at. Yeah. Let me. One vs mr. Mandelson yeah rain here. And then and only when must've pour mr. Wilson's agree and I saw his face season. There's no mister annals now yeah shall hunt down not really kids yeah he had room and threw her it was it was great everywhere knew it was going to be era. And here's the best thing she's a master graduate from a Z is a Pacific University who is all about the teachers are here as they sponsor this program along with kids so when. And so she show is what a difference is is a Pacific University makes what grade teacher they may comes on to listen to. So cool with host Liane it was and she can't talk right there yeah a little lesson right there Anderson each time now and by the way you can go to cancel and dot com and click on our teachers our heroes. Op program to nominate a teacher that you Levin thanks again to his is a Pacific University. Four of. Presenting visas at Pacific university teachers are heroes award.