Tam's Scam Busters: Suspicious "Bonus" Texts!

Wednesday, August 1st


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I think it's time for another one of these is. A couple. Only jealous. Ten scam but stars. They go to Tammy. Half of the people that makes it right and left if it wasn't for you while people are and I just like to remind people things special and they come up with new things. You know new ways to try to trick people into something. And this one has been brand new for me. On it just happened in my husband the other day and then that afternoon I got a text. But this one I get this text messages says Tammy comma your monthly bonus is now ready. And then they give a link and it's just thank you so much for your loyalty enjoy your day. Your bonus. And then my husband I believe said I your bonus check or your rebate check is here. You know and then click this link and it has your name in it in first but I think we okay I'm a member of what clobber him a member of this right do shopping varies it. Can I get my rewards bonus. And I cops go to I've been yeah 'cause court like. If you shop at like Al marshals are TJ Maxx he spent a certain amount you get bonus money back and sell. I can see why people quit when you first to see it would go off let me click on it. But they're all scams and so we're the ones that you see if you text the number blah blah blah you get a free target for two dollar gift card oral Wal-Mart gift card. They both target Wal-Mart and trying to fight this for a long time you see those mainly on FaceBook. Where people share its. And it's just it's not true and what that arises is when you click on the link if it's on your phone you don't click on the text message it's gonna download mall where. Where they can have access to anything on your phone and same with your computer as well with FaceBook can opener polyps every. Thing is it a safe way to not get scammed can't scam buster. Just not believing anybody that says they're gonna give you free money yet. And at that everybody and enjoy text or email oracle causes of them were going to give you free money via their scam hang up the deal leads don't open more importantly. Get a hold of this girl and a half. It physical fitness. A Tony Taylor. They'll they'll they'll leak in the lead it's deleted oh lead it.