Is Tammy's New Grandbaby Here Yet?

Monday, March 5th


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I failed a brand new grandson. Born to our very own Tammy from Jon and Jimmy in the morning. We go live to Madison Wisconsin line. Well a couple of things I didn't or any thing could. You want us right now is going and what's going. And secondly no baby bacteria almost got Alan Taylor trauma. That she is going in at 10 o'clock today. So cute progressing which are the good and we hope that that little thing won't show up here today before I have to leave tomorrow. Tammy John here you're cohost. On the Israeli I can do. I don't think so sure I can I don't think than some some soothing words some words of encouragement to stick is Taylor asked for me. And that she has not real hurry and no. Middle. It is shockingly though. Although we've done everything that we can think Gavin out today it's actually he's starting to move on down she dropped dramatically this morning. I don't know how he didn't just drop out that well. You thought I mean you've given birth like eighteen children do you think that. In your best hypothesis. That this baby is gonna come before you get a plane tomorrow morning. Ultra striking compared. Cool it Rick is anything joined the five club I was born on the fifth Bryson or on the fifth. Your daughters born on the little daughters are born on the fifth he had Julie it was February 5 and Andy was in September 5 that because you're a five baby. That means that means preacher stuff went with actually true that out there this weekend. Took five bucks down on the fifth let's go well yep let's go I don't know well some people out there and that's and I didn't know we have pulled the. I'll go with the threat to them off yeah. In the late this pathetic where there are well so we are what we know it's the sun and it's a grandson. Do you know the name is Taylor told you Anemia. I get on the name but you can't tell you yet. Tell us please we got things going on here please just tell us. No no it's like Pascal again that's an aim it at an Irish English and Irish early you know I will say it's when he loses and it. It is not exactly easy as it she means I don't think Cornelius as Irish start is that Sheen is. You know your. Charts. The rappers compliment you can on the political analyst. Irish can let kind of cereal box and we wouldn't say it was us. Journal played it in the corner is out with him hit the heel this little thing can. Well apparently. Are preoccupied here and it's been it's been great to be here with very. He had that helped get everything ready for a little meant to show up. I'll get over yourself all right Phyllis I'm in all seriousness we love you guys in please please tell Taylor the we're we're. And I mostly pulling for pushing forward and they. And you know what second you can just tell you real quickly OK okay you can you limit or secret Cochran certainly a perfect. Taylor it's John here and I say can I help you any aspect of this kind of kind of talk you through it. Yeah. Yeah okay you don't get as vice ships please some of those in my chips. What I want is have some ice chips he got properly hydrate yourself be a lot of work to do young lady. Yet thankfully that the led by as he can even think OK spotting whatever you are. How's your breathing kinda do that. Now that number was that they shut up. Yet okay yeah. Good luck you we're we're we're evaluating lobby okay. All right any second now we're hoping I would hope and hope we can stole her. So she actually had a baby in that conversation yet during our show that refund would be great Kate Taylor are you still with me. Yeah its policies and being okay with it if the becomes. Could you call back. Cameo I would have you don't. Yeah giving birth on our show. A and not quite hear about that. Okay. Producers about it and victories mr. afflict it. Are still in the heart. I'll look we're so excited when. What. Does it feel like I'm being very serious. Bruce's staff okay what does it feel like. In your mind. Today I'm going to have a baby. I'll man does it feel when Taylor was about to start having pain again those contraction yeah like we got a letter go she SS yeah working through this next contraction how surreal to fought visit that I never borrowed I was like like I'm gonna be a dad today was like off the hook surreal but. What's alike as the woman. I'm going to delivery Childs goes I feel like well mindset as the woman especially in Taylor predicament when your late it's all business right Nellie kept this thing out come and then maybe you'll see my gentle side again OK for right now I'm an evil monster just does she. Their fear is there it urges note now did you get a touch down look at all that well thank goodness she admitted to argue that this.