Tammy's Husband's Late Night

Tuesday, November 14th


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What happens when the younger person actually becomes the more responsible older person that's happened in my. House now a couple of times it's been happening since Grayson was five years William Todd and I took my youngest congress he's eighteen almost nineteen is that resident elder. In our house and certainly the more responsible one is it came to fruition on Friday at a little chat with my son Grayson first about it. It's an altering. The league team. And see what time did you go to bed Friday night. For a mean is what has only recently. 9930. And I went down to the neighbors for a little bit and then I came back and I was in bed before midnight but apparently down in her. Neighbor Jordan came back to the house and they stayed up leap. Holley released yet. Woke me up some that are around for him she I think it's kind of funny that the eighteen year old as the one who's yelling at the older person that pays its foreign morning did you put to bed. And we need your landscaping are using you given up till 4 in the morning engine up and working example we are probably were around select two or some. And it shenanigans. You. He's. My about a mile away happy and in what made India. I need to ask your questions okay. Homeowners are you on taking some kind of supplements or vitamins. You know. We'll because I was just talking with your eighteen year old son about what time he went to that on Friday night he was in bed at nine authors. One answer. He's been working hard all week and is landscaping job so a little early in you and I went out on Friday night we went to an event had a great time. And then we went over to our new returns for awhile you know. And then I came home to before midnight. And then I went to bed and then Grayson told means he sent you at. Taxed is that true I didn't actually get it to I don't remember again and took. That you weren't here what so what does it what does this texting. Two texts as seriously dude. Second text it's 4 AM and a. An eighteen year old was yelling that you couldn't score in the morning holiday Villa and fifties and should it. And I heard you still didn't go to bed right then. No not according to but he Jordan no can't live another forty minutes or so so you sip top 5 AM in the morning ish five finish. Producers step one is now look to you possibly talk about for five hours I think we. Oh. Right it went from midnight to finding them just like them and no idea we've Japan England and the Matalin only it weren't checked and this. Don't remember most of the juncture weird and mean we probably solve all the world's problems that we saw the cut sugar okay talk of five. Blocks straight hours. Deal or remember it. Listen I. Could even. Forced myself to stay up to five email I just can't do it up. And -- season curtain times he's kind those for a little bit in the week he's going. Yeah seriously yeah sure here's the great Jordan I was already know Jordan is just like you won't know Jordan is just like an agency younger version remains the same thing they're there they're two peas in a pop and meanwhile Grayson. Unless it is tough work man I don't care how old York. Instead hired. The genome. The role rebirth here in the army now.