Tammy's Date Night

Wednesday, September 27th


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So we hear when the British are staffed at the moment alone to go on a date night with her husband what that is like because what is. What is normally your car sound like staff my dad is baby's cry and it toddlers frighten heads are right and to have some alone time with my highs then this silence Kenny gets to us where we enjoy it for a little bit loose and who he. But then years we've got to go out. Pricey this today it would do with you really going to your holding of what's going on with Beagle and on where we get to finally catch up a little still odd date night with my husband last night we've been together 22 years. I'm next month. I thought I would share with you what it's like when you indicated that long here that are offering date night goes on. You're die now it just just this is on the way here. And so what's policy that the American made by the way he comes to play out. You take out once. So when it was women and trying to rescue it really doesn't want to work. So what happens after the movie right. So this was on the way home. We got home. I recorded a little bit with when as a where just like two miles away from home and in what happened was like Alice was one of licences. And I'll just. A great date me. The way there. They talk. We go to a movie. We're we're not gonna talk he's got to watch the we can't really tough yeah. I'm like perfect game. Yeah it's. So I guess I'm perfectly and it isn't quite where we don't have to do but I'm. A little earlier on speaker and you know. Perfect date night. I'm trying to force talking. You can argue about. They've been on our yeah. Good point a couple of this announcement for you isn't a lot of turns it whenever my life. Not. Secondly my phone is too I think probably but secondly and please don't be offended by this but I don't know anybody. Anybody talk as much as you or Kurt I know I know that the so I'm thinking you guys cancel each other out meaning when you're together and. You know have somebody that in the car with you guys via its shoulder melt the for sure for sure but part of it was my. Part of it was my husband Kurt was looking this character in this movie American made it easy one original. How much of it was a true story and all that so he was actually doing what I usually do which is grueling and reading up on it's got a lot of the reason why he was quiet and a bad area. You did shearing it feel he was just enjoying these islands that you didn't know ultimately results were a few bruises and a I mean coming back on the silent times you would Jimmy I really end and remember we had five kids in dogs and cats and. These conversations while they sleep and I'm how to do it but the deal. It was a good night though it really wasn't nice thing. And in compassion I think better. We have to step.