Tammy's Dad Retired

Thursday, June 23rd


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We got out here we let you know that and the next time 10 in the morning or some of the one of us who started somewhat related to our show would be retiring. The buzz has been going throughout CD it was good but I think it'd text message from a friend daisy an excellent CNN. Well it was just want to it was apparent for all the Bosnian. Anyone watering she's retiring. Do we care well a former coworker of her and her husband's Billiton the show the day I'm. That's nice that Kelsey. Kelsey and what's up your best interest and highway and we're about to find out who that is as I'm packing my bags and. Forty K so when Madonna 10 in the morning and we'll eventually have sunshine and mid seventies and mid eighties on my father is the one who's retiring. My step dad has been in the radio business for 49. Years and we stories a fascinating one because a one time. Tammy her sister and her father all worked in the same radio station building its new super cool to see actually army's been doing it since he was seventeen years old in my sept that is the reason why I actually we got into this business I try to stay away from because I grew up and because he's capitol reporter upgrades to its news and I don't wanna be responsible sport comes out of my mouth I wanna have fun. So I try to stay away and he talked me into it. But we're waiting to connect it to connect to him because he doesn't know my sister called me. And and we want to surprise him with your phone call since it's his last day your man he's hosting a show right now Cole is an issue with Tammy sister in Madison was good and as we speak right she is Iran is thought it was 9:41. In the morning there and we are connected so as to episode. WI VA high for Eagles they can meet them by current temperature 69 Madison's. Yeah you're just gonna have to stop there isn't really saved our top story today on course to be and others do it is the end of a very long broadcasting career is on the whole first half and I don't doubt it I haven't got to get them aligned with us now good morning good morning mean today at the favorite daughter can't. Up and I am not the favorite hi Danny I mean you don't sound you just don't know business birthday here with a hat. What the hell you think I've been doing for almost half a century for Pete's sake don't and I'm gonna let emotions get in my. Way Eritrea Tammy was on the way here 96 are lining up 64 years on Clinton she and then. Clinton left me ten probability she's been five years and yeah. And it hit my adoptive dad congratulations. On the PRI public cat. Senators. From Ottawa column that you play catch they'll have time now John but John now when you. OK wow. Now there's a burn for a John and dad. Speaking of retiring I have two things for you now that you're gonna have all this extra time on your hands the first army giving you can actually come home visit may have would be nice. Secondly it. You gonna do with yourself that this is all you've ever done. Yeah mom I'll do a lot of stuff independent thing I'm really gonna look forward to having kind of sank into actually doing things not being there you know tied to the schedules of getting up 1:30 in the morning I'll still get away. Data I wanna know is in in this entire crew you've done so many things you've interviewed so many politicians you've had so many amazing things that you got to witness. What is the highlight emotionally trio. Hole until there were so many on it's hard to pick one. The highlight the work Monday through there was a time line I got the interview Ronald Reagan sneak past the Secret Service. Yeah. Yeah I'm not 1980s. And outlook cut to news to his political wisdom. We might tape recorder and I was talking about his running mate this has secrets from not a heck of the kind of kid get in there. And Reagan put his arm carry you know my around my children so he's very very graciously went back in again in my hotel room and tape recorder reporter how. Com and I'm not kidding I don't know online and I was able to paraphrase what he said you don't know what he says so it's still he didn't say anything anyway you know. Well look at all yeah. I really would say that you don't love who had nightmares I got god and thank you so much heavier I don't we have so many people don't but I don't know he's going to now he's obviously he's. Nice to see. Out front and audio. Very. Iowa and a news people for relatives. I I have a number of foreign the police spokesperson. That's true if you play other guests of being in a race oh my god I need is some of his birthday to a 67 yeah. Jacqueline gold necklace of I don't know I have no time for being told to stay in the I have. The amendment and rendered aircraft and by the way I thought that the story is amazing what. The dude rushed past you got past Secret Service in 1980 interviewed Ronald Reagan. And didn't have his recorder to it wasn't working no it didn't work he thought I was or didn't work. That's yeah the second night near great he's got so many amazing stories so many presidents and he's interviewed and. Mattson it's just been a great career he's Juan Cruz met presidents that's kind of cool ways every president's that's been his job. And you know I group sitting in the legislative meetings at the state capital when you're eight that's awesome and and just wanna play the but you'd be that this is his history it's amazing how one in order. Because this symbol of everything. A grape soda and candy bar amazing dad a couple of I congratulations your father that's amazing you don't hand them and in your chance to thank him he'll. I'm he's don't know how many do I did and got his number you can call back. Hopefully tonight is retired and out.