Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: Toni

Wednesday, June 15th


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Okay John adventure. Tell me is comedy you how he would not play. Yeah now session. Pop culture of questions. You correctly and component Tammy you're wet enough forward tide is going to tell me. You get that she'd she'd answers they Keno game yesterday at 440. Doctor but quietly. OK although everything went well there and I hope that you do well here good luck actress Courteney Cox is celebrating a birthday today which friends character was she. Adam Levine has offered to pay for Christina britney's funeral. Animal was her coach on the voice who are the only two voice coaches to appear in every season. I don't know what that could act Lara as. Eaton I cafe on it on its. Franken a comedian Kevin Hart's California house is broken into watches jewelry clothing and other personal items were stolen Knoll was home at the time. Kevin Hart was the roast master at last year's Comedy Central roast for whom. I'm luck but I bagged up at all. Mel Gibson is planning a sequel to the passion of the Christ. In about the resurrection what year was the passion of the Christ released 242007. Or 2010. I'm and that Beijing I'm. People aren't. And finally actress Lucy Hale turn 27 yesterday she's best known for her role as. Our real Montgomery I'm pretty little liars I showed it appears on what used to be known as ABC family. What is the network formally known as ABC family now all known us. And yes. OK hang on for a second you're thrown back into. He's Lampanelli is dead and it does a good old time. Janine Tony you've got to modify rights are right III. I'm cars yeah. Actress Courteney Cox's celebrity birthday today tenuous friend what she'd Monica. Lawson writes. Tony knew that it's 11. Adam Levine has been kind enough to offer to pay for Christian increase funeral animal is her coach on the voice poorly only to voice coaches who pure and every season. Mom. Christina Aguilera. And she leaves for awhile. Ping on so Adam Levine and and what Sheldon doesn't help that is right. Tony we'll with increasing regularity and she had no. So it's two to one Tammy comedian Kevin Hart's California home was broken into watches jewelry clothing and other personal items were stolen. No one was home at the time and Kevin Hart was the roast master at last year's Comedy Central roast for home Justin Bieber. A Tony had no clue 321. Tammy. Mel Gibson planning a sequel to the passion of the Christ it's gonna be about the resurrection what ear to the passion of the Christ come out 20042007. Or 2010. Our 2004. Is right Tony La land with 2004 as well it is fortitude Tammy. Nearly happen at yeah. And highly actress Lucy Hale turned 27 yesterday. She's best known for roles aria Montgomery country liars a show that appears I don't know what used to be known as ABC family what does the network formerly known as ABC Finley now known as they change just. I'll failing because I. It's not the actual answer is free form when I had that it's right. He called free four and a half out of got a lot greats I Jimmie today you beat Tony four to two you don't walk away empty handed out money we have a pair of tickets for you to go seal Luke Bryan at the sleep train yeah. It pays to Iran is instant ads have slayer I remember kiss my loyal listeners get the resale code on Thursday also remember it's all part is canceling summer of 101000 tickets. How. Thank you and you have a lot of today. You have a wonderful day to Tony but before I let you go I do any harm to say this. Hi I am sure I can I block out bit shy and that's a scary car at that Hollywood college.