Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: Sheree

Tuesday, June 14th


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Judge adventure out tummy is coming age of Hollywood not okay. And now sessions. Coach your questions if you correctly and they're more than happy you're wet and borrowed time is going to tell me. Ali was just being how would today's producers that appear administering the college of Hollywood knowledge to Tammy verses sir re in lakeside RH three are you ready for this. And here we go number one and fighting Torre is out in theaters this weekend. The name of the fish she helped defined in the first movie. Name oh number two with others see this weekend. Nemo was Dan's name. All in Finding Nemo. Boy go now unemployment. A number three Barbara Streisand return to the 2016. Tony Awards after 46 years. Is Barbara Streisand nickname. Baton. Number of full or summer camp for adults is becoming a popular thing to do the movie had the famous flying this onetime at band camp. American pie. And finally today it's Donald Trump seventieth birthday he cameo on the famous ninety's movie home alone two lusty New York. Naming a lead appeared there in that movie but Colin Powell and what we think character's name. All the characters. I. Boom boom. Failure Q and eight. I don't gosh I remembered. All bets are right sure you are right let's get Tammy back Guinea here. These serene even though he didn't get that one you really were at least three got three out of five all right nice to unless. They are ranked number one. Finding Doria is out in theaters this weekend what the name of the fish she helped fine in the first movie. Mean all. Any hole. OK with Father's Day coming up this week and number two here Tammy what is Nemo is dad's name in the movie all dinged cyanide stand and I know I should noticed one now do you contrast. Yeah and big cloud hey. I don't blame any and all my guys thank you think and and I can't remember the and neither could sure Rea it was Marla and again as. Marty thank Marla. Okay yeah glad fish if buddy rice I don't the job it. Common misconception it's an old funny than any other. Until blood he saw the funny thing is. We'll see how their hideout wonder why our number three barbour's race and returned to the 2016 Tony Awards after 46 years. Her nickname. Babs. That's correct how do you handle the producers doubt I don't. Yeah. All right number of all our summer camp for adults is becoming a popular thing to deal. What he had the famous line this onetime at band camp. That was American pie. For Matt Suri got that as well so now it's three hits his three. And finally today's Donald Trump seventieth birthday he cameo on the famous ninety's movie home alone two lost in the Arctic. You name the lead character in the movie. Is it cannons. We you're closer the centuries Teresa Macaulay Culkin comic characters in a giving have a boy Kevin McCallister I can retire right. This jury did really well today. Danny barely beat Sheila so none that I how month adds I like yeah and I. For the time calling you what you told John and you didn't say that both Coleman and eastern. Already and I went 100 dollars but I think you be happy with this appeared to get to see Luke Bryan September 17 at the sleep train and the theater. I also wanna remind everyone else cancel and loyal listeners get the email text code for the pre sale on Thursday at 10 AM. Up front. They give so much Syrians since you guys decide you know what would you say have a great day and we'll see I'll look Bryant thank you very much have a great day.