Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - September 5th, 2018

Wednesday, September 5th


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I've got to judge bench yeah timing and his colleagues joke how he would not let. And dollar concession when. I have. Pop culture questions. You correctly until more than Tammy you're wet and followed tide is going to Tammy. Let's go to mesa Seymour appear let's go out Peter. More into it and open around our pal well as you get up and around. Let's get eagle attend his college Hollywood talent would you please start things off my favorite part I kicking Timmy got to hear their return art. Peter as she's hiking LA you know five pop culture questions you get lower than cam and it has happened. You get a hundred dollars or San Diego County credit union checking account money at CCC was a Big Bang banking is better. Good luck money. Right next Vanity Fair ranked the top thirty animated shows since decisions premiered in 1989. What was on the top of their list top animated show as well that South Park Bob's burgers or Family Guy up. Football starts tomorrow and everyone who has a team. Has completed their fantasy football draft. Tour false. The place as the biggest increase in fantasy football participants. Is prison. Call Brad Paisley and Peyton Manning a film the new series of commercials for this insurance company name it. Nationwide the website vulture dot com has ranked the 25 best college films of all time according to bolster dot com. What ranked number one old school. Animal house or legally blonde. A while and finally FX debuted a new trailer for American horror story apocalypse. Including this one how many American horror stories have their Benton. Let's get him back in oh yeah yeah. Peter what's happening to you today are what are rare and beautiful. That plane out Aaron here. On his day off to the time the call us this morning Tim. Got two out of five this more okay. And I don't cited better sorry dude and we did their rank the top thirty animated shows since the Simpsons premiered in 1989. What was the top of the list South Park Bob's burgers or Family Guy. Honestly tell park apart by far. Animated show since the Simpsons Bob's burgers was on the list nowhere in the top thirty was Family Guy and Peter wins with South Park as well it's 11. Today football starts tomorrow and most people who have a team have completed their fantasy football draft including you are you happy I am happy. Who's your first pick. I don't remember Hitler every tee and you'll start why don't get that involved in it until it's aimed at short false people who are getting involved as an ineffective place as the biggest increase. In fantasy football participants is prison. That's true that is true. Matter of fact OJ Simpson was in four different leagues shocker any also ran one of them he was imprisoned Nevada they have to old school though yet they can't be on line taking gambles live fuels school notebooks like you used to have to thank you. Mainly morbid or appreciate it Peter what was false they know awaken prisons allow that but they do the thinking of banning it though. And it's 221 Tammy red Easley Peyton Manning to fill the new series of commercials for what insurance company. Nationwide and is it truly on your side and Gordon commercials it is like the commercials they do in their Peter what with that as well three to Tammy. To the website vulture dot com has ranked the 25 best college films global time. According to bolster dot com what rank number one old school animal house or legally blonde. I'm gonna go with the classic animal house you should go with the classic animal house however. And Allison who put that I don't know it's an age thing. Or what legally blonde was ranked number one great movie fabulously well is it a classic like animal house and I'm sorry it's Arnold's. It's now still 322. Tammy Timmy FX DB to new trailer for American horror story apocalypse. Including this one. How many American horror stories have their Benton. Oh my goodness six volatile Peterson to guess what. Eight murder house plus eleven cauldron freak show hotel Roanoke. Colts. And now the upcoming apocalypse. Among you can't bowl them. Peter whip with the six as I mentioned today Tammy the final is you have three. Peter two. But you'll get a nice summarize on your day out during the kiss when summer 2000 dig as I've really figured enjoy this issue Peter has its view for one right now you're gonna get tickets and OC Phil Vassar. As the quad casino on September 14. Can't also appear tickets to see Jason Hill dean September 20 that mattress firm empathy here are cool Peter enjoy that pal enjoy your day off I'm actually envious. I and in the meantime. I got this story to say. Computer Lisa and I flunked out of enemy colors to Hollywood knows.