Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - May 25th, 2018

Friday, May 25th


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Debbie is a lakeside dead think we have no kind of oasis when he kicked him out of the studio please. Delhi five pop culture questions for you happening more than ten has happened once this week already. You could take some 100 dollars over San Diego County credit union checking account cash. SEC's use our big bank banking is that it whirlpool for you Debbie good luck. It's the newest trailer for the movie will you be my neighbor was released yesterday is really getting a lot of attention and rave reviews. Will be my neighbors documentary. On the career and life of mr. Rogers mister Robertson or mister roper. Mark Wahlberg went on Allen and cities were gonna Captain Kangaroo reboot so let's put a high low game. The original Captain Kangaroo aired for 33 seasons is that to hire a loaf. Are there to go. Hi Braveheart opened in theaters at 23 years ago what is the name of Mel Gibson's iconic character from that movie. Ali Moline. Remembered but I have no idea. Are the stars of the show a tank. Will be jumping in the water with the actual sharks during this year's shark week. Boy I think they've jumped the shark actually covering sharks usually sit on the panel a potential investors on shark tank. There and finally Julia Louie Dreyfuss is gonna receive the Mark Twain prize for humor from the Kennedy senator she played Elaine unsigned failed. Besides Jerry who was a lanes longest relationship on the show with played by actor Patrick war Burton. You. Answer well art. I know like the current let's get to be back in two. I'm telling you right now I don't think. I always lived. Yeah I don't think Milwaukee here. This week be any different than any other being Debbie is life on the power. We'll find out as deleted one out of 50 honey. Yeah you lose you're out I've done it 21 is better than zero Debbie way to look at life as half full cup but I think pop up the new. Trailer for the we will either a neighbor was released yesterday it's getting a ton of buzz rave reviews. Will you be my neighbors documentary on the life and career of mr. Rogers mister Robertson or mister roper. It. Mister Rogers. Is a ride to the mister roper a man. Debbie want with the first one which was actually correct. It's 11 day Mark Wahlberg went on Allen says he's planning on a Captain Kangaroo reboot. So let's put Diallo game while the original Captain Kangaroo aired for 33 seasons is that too high or too low Odyssey that's too well it was on forever is and then for thirty. Eight seasons. RO original post by Bob he shouldn't in his trademark. Oversized pockets. Which tablet on. Despite the fact you know Debbie still existed for thirty even ask. So every week can try your lack of fan he did OK for now. Which means it two to one Tim. Ghraib are open and Braveheart but I'm theater's 23 years ago Tim what was it of Mel Gibson's iconic character from that film. Will be a long list. Possibly. With your movies of all time Debbie did not know it's 3110. Am. The stars of the show shark tank will be jumping in the water with actual sharks. During this year's shark week poverty sharks usually sit on the panel potential investors on that show our I love that show I watch a lot so. Missed. Him. There Q. I I don't try to drive you're correct club is right I love access the number one watch Oprah much. I'm sorry about that Debbie but it's on every weekend you can find a check your DVR for a local listing that's like sure go and feel free to do that in the meantime it's now. Four to one Tammy all right now what he ended heavier out and finally Julia Louis-Dreyfus I'm not Crittenton. Julie Julie Dreyfus nobody will receive the Mark Twain prize for humor from the Kennedy senator. She played Elaine and sign fell besides Jerry who was a lanes longest relief ship on the show with played by actor Patrick war Burton. Home Mike I don't remember his name he's that guy that does come in at Disney's soaring California us he's the one yeah well yeah I've got it right. And he is he's also on another show that I watch a lot to am I aware of asking for the biography. Well why you're cured your name why the hands okay. Long Will Perdue was funny at a party or Hadi was his name. That's undersea characters in television history buddy. The boyfriend's on one with senators economies on on the minds okay good stuff at soldier. Debbie and little by us or us for a once we don't get her money out in the. I you do great prize no honey you have a feeling for packet tickets. To go to the hotel bills annual Father's Day concert and barbecue. Aren't there Walsh. He got a lot of because it kicks off at 11 o'clock skydiving innovation starts things off and Gary Sinise and the lieutenant Dan band plays in the late afternoons can be so much fun pop up thank you can't dead you'll be out there as well on Father's Day it's a bonus top of the summer 101000 tickets thank you for playing today before you leave do we do of this where you. I undo any links lead and I definitely flunked out of camino college in Holland or not.