Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - March 5th, 2018

Monday, March 5th


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Let's go to La Mesa Sega or to Christina hi Christiane our Christine this is kind of weird. But please give me how the studio. I'll okay. It. I can't handle. By shot. Well to Emmys in the birth of her grand baby. You're taking on giant today Ecstasy an Eagle County credit union and their biggest used car sale happening at Del Mar fairgrounds this weekend. Are right the Oscars were less tonight hosted the awards last year. I have I have no idea I didn't like it. It Illbruck Eric. I'd act Eric. Cricket crap I don't brought that. Lady the trip was released from the Disney vault. Breed of dog is a lady. And sources say actress Tori Spelling had a breakdown Judas to rest in her marriage finances that kids. Her husband. They're an all those reality shows together I couldn't believe how many reality shows it done together. I only got no idea. And that it. And finally scary and make Markel. Are you biting 2640. Members of the public into the grounds of the Windsor Castle for their wedding. Need TB shell on the USA network entering eight season that may and will no longer be a part of. Like on order. Look I guess it's Christiane let's go on here. You do right you got. Correct Christina but he. At least and I don't know does going to be tough okay era you know nice job. Is her last night hosted the awards last year. Jimmy Kimmel. That's. OK just well if that's rag and John Kristy yes Neil Patrick Harris. It was Jimmy Kimmel are actors Eva Mendez turned 44 today she has two kids with what hunky actor. Which Ry Ryan Gosling. That's. Out of the Ryan Reynolds but he's with what your page Blake lively reliably thinking but also Scully joins abandon their. A lot about the riot or the woman that he married. But that. Who was that an out. And I Christina who did you guess again you are out. Chris Pratt OK all right that would look at all the same his. Job and it's 220. Trip was released from the Disney vault breed of dog is a lady. Is is Lydia cocker spaniel she and that's what Kristi. Brokers do what a great job you are. Okay it's 31 Jack sources say actors Tori Spelling had a break out distress in her marriage finances that kids. Her husband. It's dean's something dean is it dean bush I don't know class and show may show mad it dean's something. Very close. Dean Mcdermott. And how that close really did DOK I thank you. Dean Mcdermott got. I'm pleased you're still married another divorced I know they they go through rough patches but they're still. Married. I was for the week and to get divorced for the next reality show you know. That's recycling you know worst when I Google that they have been in so many reality shows and other mountain and worthless to the other. Prince Harry and Megan Markel are inviting 2640. Members of the public into the crowd the Windsor Castle for other thing. Name it TV show on the USA network entering its eighth season that Nagin will no longer be a part of. Yeah I have no idea. I don't know crime. I think it does. No it's stilts. Now nope don't yet those dumb question but entering its eight season aren't. Cool well paid job one today the read no one but Christina you don't walk away empty handed you're gonna have a great time at this concerts. Hey what was he Kenny Chesney. Well OK. Yes Christiana Kenny Chesney. June 21 mattress firm empathy your tickets go on sale this Friday but you. Win them before anybody else can get them because. In Jimmy's college Hollywood not congratulations. By the way you know if your kids so loyal listener you'll get an invite. To eat pre sale on Thursday morning to have your emails ready. For that password to get. Resale tickets to Kenny Chesney before they go on sale their body else on Friday and you as a make you say this. And I out and don't let it.