Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - March 22nd, 2018

Thursday, March 22nd


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Let's go to the masons they get more and Irene hi Irene. Already. Good morning Beck catch would you pick Candiotti is. Tammy can you please. Leave for a moment. I. Go to cast go find those Kooks. Ira or five pop culture questions for you give all right intensive look at the hundred dollars for a San Diego County credit union checking account ST. CC you it's a Big Bang banking it's better you ready for this. Oh. Okay hiring rural pulled forward. Isn't even in the city where the series with sat. What city was friends sat in. Movement. Pilots stay at and I don't know cut off then I don't know. Dude another massive winter storm on the East Coast stars like Justin Timberlake and Demi Lovato had to cancel shows. Maybe the Disney Channel show or Demi Lovato played soccer team in a row from 2009 to 2011. Two until the moment until two. Paramount and Disney Channel. Okay Rosie O'Donnell turned 56 yesterday. She played Barney Rubble wife in the live action Flintstones movie in the ninety's what was Barney's wife's name in the Flintstones. And they're well. Gary Oldman just won an Oscar for his portrayal of Winston Churchill. Oldman play in the Dark Knight trilogy that. I am like really. Not doing well. And finally I think that. Steven Spielberg says he'll begin fit filming Indiana Jones five in April when he nineteen the fourth Indiana Jones movie starred Shia will move. Alongside Harrison Ford and was called kingdom of. Kingdom. I don't know do a bit. Q I'm of the new book get a good job again. Oh Jeremy. Irene. There are more of those days. Yeah that they. I was I was it Peter I can't beat her locked. To write to your guy that Peter well that's a that would circled on the calendar because I'm gonna act and it's guaranteed today's not. Going to be one of those days that he at all to do and love and respect. Our economy. Is okay keep it bluntly don't know what's. Relentless in my hand right now being nothing to exactly what Irene did today and a couple of but you got your good sport we love you Larry thank you for an analyst and to a standing face any online revealed that the fountain that so prominently featured in the opening secrets of friends. Isn't even in the city with a series is that well where. His friends set on Newark New York City correct. Are you in Boston. During the trail ride but not accurate do another massive winter storm on the East Coast. Stars like Justin Timberlake and Demi Lovato had to cancel shows. Name the Disney Channel show where DeVon about a played Sony Monroe from 2009 to 2011. Com. What was the minute which is a Waverly place them. Sony Monroe was Sonny with a chance I'll. Irene says Disney Channel did there Obama met. We are all of that went to it's one thing still Tennessee growing there you ago Rosie O'Donnell turned 56 yesterday. He played already Robles wife in the live action Flintstones movie in the ninety's what's Barney's wife in the Flintstones let's see it's friend. I. Well mom and Barney and I'll bet Betty. Irate over will not tell us the rubble for swingers I don't think that was our so now it's. Drew nothing tanning. Tim or Gary Oldman just won an Oscar for his portrayal of Winston Churchill. All the play in the dark but trilogy. Alone. Wu who was CNN. All IA I cannot think of the character's name. And commissioner Gordon a whole Irene did not know so now. It is. Kyra Phillips here you are it's nothing Tammy finally Stephen Spielberg says he'll begin filming Indiana Jones five people when he nineteen. It's called Indiana Jones Powell my back because it stars here is important will he be a 102 years old much on the Wii comes out. The fourth Indiana Jones movie starred Shia will move alongside Harrison Ford was called kingdom of the white. The skull. I don't remember to close actually. Kingdom of the crystal skull alone. Well yeah my goodness indeed Irene Jimmie wins but not I object they just wrote just to. To nothing C don't get tax money but I hope you got little vacation plan dress NG on one yes we are April 22 and 23 cares what is taking over. The new illegally and castle hotel pleasure if they only four packet today hopper tickets at illegal lane resort it was spending Sunday night there and enjoy the sixty rides and attractions that legally yeah. Not not opaque and. Sure well Irene thank you for playing but before you leave we think this from you. I'm Marion relate. And I applaud ballots. That is college of how. It was not related.