Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - March 21st, 2018

Wednesday, March 21st


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We got Leonard this rental belly area Palin and I need on. More power you you're mine Michael Delaney Lejeune. Now the moment here and cats in the world my uncle Lenny uncle Lenny DeVito Plummer retired her love the marriage Lenny kick Tammy out of your pal. Adding he please get out the room. It. I'm sorry all right let me five pop culture questions for you get more contempt. You know hundred dollars of her harder money for ST CCU checking account sandy hook on it pretty even so Big Bang banking is better here we go you ready. The EC ams are a few weeks with the exception of two years ago when they were held in Dallas where the ACMs held New York City Las Vegas or Minneapolis. I think they get so. Cynthia Nixon from sex in the city is officially running for governor of New York she played Miranda on the show sex in the city. What was your occupation a lawyer a fashion designer or an investment banker. Warrior. Vivica A. Fox dish is a little bit her new book about her intimate life with rapper fifty cent and he didn't really appreciate that. Which Quentin Tarantino movie has fox been in. But. Which grew to. Independence Day. Yesterday was international astrology date march 20 is actually the last date to be born into what astrological sign. Accord. And finally the stranger things cast all apparently got huge pay raises for season three. What is the name. Of the fictional town the show takes place and they showed stranger things. Crash. I don't know. For an apparently does any bickering could get us good guests with a good. When he was going on did anybody. I just get ready go to work it's OK so let me did 215 today tell Hank but but totally up. Stuff was a tough one today. The ACMs are in a few weeks ten with the exception of a few years back when they were held in Dallas where the ACMs held New York City Las Vegas or Minneapolis Las Vegas correct. When is the biggest guy he knew that's 11. Cynthia Nixon from sex in the city is officially running for governor of New York. She played Miranda on the show what your occupation a lawyer fashion designer or investment banker she was a lawyer. Let me jump right out that many closets sex in the city fan but. I doubt gore occasionally watching it. I want to go see that movie the movie when it came out the only dude in the theater fans. I actually going to. Well any new vets Tutu. Vivica A. Fox dishes a little bit about her intimate life with rapper fifty cent in her new book and fifty cent did not appreciate it. What Quinton Tarantino movie is foxman and I season that the killed film. You'll know that's correct. Leonard did not know that you would Independence Day Vivica A. Fox movie yes directed by Tarantino know so it's 32 Tammy Jenny yes it was international astrology day. March 20 visit actually the last date to be born into what astrological sign that would be high seas. How do you know that no final astrology. Her parents hope this doesn't she make you like chart one time she did for my birthday handwritten chart where there's a twenty pages dorm parents. God and unto this day I have no idea where it is I'm sure it's somewhere and packed in a box. Really to a double a this right now okay. Sorry Lil therapy time here so. I expect my prize only it is an uncontrolled missile conversation. Ties now fortitude Timmy and finally the stranger things cast. All currently got huge pay raises for season three as they should. Wasn't in the fictional town we shall takes place and dang it I did some research on this because I figured to be asking about this I know the what searchers in eleven now. I don't know allowed XP New York I don't off. Hawkins Indiana you have gotten that one out of beat you wanna dollars for me I wanted to let me a tough college today Tammy goes. Four to your two you don't win any of her money but you do get a pretty nice prize are playing with us this morning. Yes you don't let you. April 22 and 23 kiss and it's taking over the new legal and castle hotel. Which means you'll get to spend Sunday night there get a family four pack of today hopper tickets. Tutor resorts. Corey spring break at legal land California. Thank you enjoy that Lenny in the meantime I do of this free to say. I am when he insert a valid and I poured out of ten enemies college of Hollywood knowledge.