Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 22nd, 2018

Friday, June 22nd


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Adventure adventure. Tightly in his college of Hollywood knowledge. Now concessions. Five pop culture questions. Correctly answerable and Tammy you're followed Todd is gold and as mentioned as a series behind the mikes there. Allied studio audience with us. But a beautiful city of CNT we go to Curtis Curtis how are you buddy. Curtains and because of that microphone now. Makers microphone on its not there we go occurs one more time how are anybody I know very well karaoke second nervous enough cops. I actually think in times on Joseph I. Act courtesies at same forcing kicked Jimmy out here please. A panel. Easy. Our anchor as I have five pop culture questions for you buddy get more than ten years 800 dollars for harder money former San Diego County credit union checking account. I'll remind you all that and ST CC dot com slash vote in bulk for us DEC CU as San Diego's best credit union will be their nineteenth straight courage we all wish you good luck. Every whiskers good luck. Curse and you got the chi chi answers vessel apparently we go. Eva Longoria welcomed her first child a son named Santiago and thirty tee box all night on Tuesday. Eva starred as Gabriella on this ABC drama action drama the from 2004 to 2012. Name. I've Desperate Housewives a Mexican restaurant and England recently placed one of their burritos on Tinder. The Brea received over 100 matches. To pulley is one of the biggest Mexican chains in America what is on their logo on every sign. Arbor and there's your answer okay Kelsey ballerina he's on the road right now opening for Keith Urban and his recent tour. Hillary loves Keith Urban but considers this singer her biggest influence is that Carrie Underwood rip off. Or should I Twain tonight plane forty years ago today Garfield the cartoon cat debuted in 41 different US newspapers. What is the name of the dog Garfield shares his homeless. Ode five years ago actor James Gandolfini died of a massive heart attack in Italy he of course was Tony Soprano on The Sopranos. What was Tony's uncle called on the show. I don't know if you get in. A. Charlie again example Charlie it is a political payback it would place. Yeah OK. An upper Curtis who santeria. Chris I think he did body. Yet you confident your abilities today yep all right. Because of your report card I would secret is does work up to his abilities did fortified the glass and nice job with Luke Timmy everyone watching you finally are always you know all judging and you know how I am with live ones I'm terrible I know. I don't know if it was stare intently at Tammy. Ten Eva Longoria welcomed her first child a son named Santiago and he gave Bastogne on Tuesday. Even start is get real on this ABC drama the from 2004 to 2012. Million. Desperate Housewives is a right. Great comments like what's on the menu and I can we spice things up. To pull away as one of the biggest Mexican chains stay why what's on their logo and every sign what is their logo on every side. On two poli what is their logo. IC big seat with those circles around it on in that circle. Korea that's interest in that is what Curtis said as well that is 100% wrong I thought may could you talk embryo and it is to pepper here's. Ollie in just a pepper and a so it's still tied at one kills a ballerina is on the road right now opening for Keith Urban on his recent tour. Pilloried in much like you Jimmy loves Keith Urban yeah. Probably for different reasons but who knows. But she considers this singer to be your biggest influence is eighth Carrie Underwood BER Reebok or C shouldn't Shania Twain. Kelsey galleries biggest influence Curtis got this right. I'm gonna station idea is fiction I Dwayne day is shot and diet swain. And we are still tied to Tammy forty years ago they Garfield the Khartoum to act debuted in 41 US newspapers it. What is the name of the dog Garfield shares as homeless. I believe it's ode. It's only yes. Curtis held area. 36 are all really got you young dude they how to get you out against easily mid twenty W yeah. I ask because Kurz also got bode right as well and I thought going to be at an older no offense to an even older anyway. Gave myself and try to do your best selling your teeth Derek. Yeah. I'm OK so we are now is still tied it three I believe PS3 it is no it's got it for no it's thwarted three. Curtis. And he must. Chris got the Tripoli went wrong I don't I'm talking about it anyway what's happening Israelis or underhill this is give me they'll ask a thank you five years ago after James Gandolfini who died of a massive heart attack in Italy. He played Tony Soprano on The Sopranos what was Tony's uncle called on the show. And this is a messed up by the Izturis got three and a five okay sorry about that occurred or. Uncle Sam all uncle sells a good guess. It is wrong guess uncle junior was his name. Junior. And that means today we finished with a high I didn't get their easily but I got their Curtis. A high means you don't get him his money but you don't want got anything either get a good prices for hanging with us this morning a good price at great price you're gonna be sitting. In the front row for WWE. Monday at rob I. But Adam yeah. All right. Anchors I give you a script and elaborate script to see us any of that since you guys tied as they say thank you for being here. And thank you complain Tammy skeleton Hollywood now but they'll be at a good time thanks a lot appreciate it. Do.