Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 22, 2017

Thursday, June 22nd


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And that we won a set you up with the best seats in the house the most comfy seats in the house I should say and a meet and greet with a Brad Paisley. You have to know. The shell so I'm gonna ask three questions about something that happened on the show today you have to get all three right. To win those tickets now on reckoned to have Iran Iraq until the very end okay so we're gonna go to Iranian Del Mar good morning Aaron. Good do you think you know show this morning. I hate not sure I don't. Colored then get to meet red typically. OK well here's the Dielman SE three questions not something that happened on the show today you get all three right and you're the winner okay. All right RH Siri go Aron what did I blow up on my deck yesterday. Now. Aid. So here's the thing you since you're wrong right off the bat we're gonna start like this. That's targeted by the right when first and then will go through and see how you do RA we're gonna go to David in lakeside hi David how are you. I mean bared her good what did I blow up on my deck yesterday. I could Quito. Don't care and. It's not quite right David I'm sorry Ayman in my car and I now all right so let's go to Cheryl and El Cajon I Cheryl. How are you good what did I blew up on my deck yesterday. I am sorry I am a knack for Hedo biscuits okay. The college of Hollywood knowledge had a tie breaking question about a birthday today whose birthday now. Mary go in the final question to be sitting in the most comfy seats and give me angry with Brad Paisley. Who did John imitates in the Brad Paisley interview. Oh yeah and. Jerry and how well do you RO winner you gotta. All three nice job. And are you going to be okay. Hello. OK Cheryl cook you got a free they'll money reed army ready. Yeah OK. In all my gosh good job you really paid attention to the showed today that new UN. Shall call I've Lovie too and the super inattention to showcase you know this the most comfy seats. And you are gonna meet Brad Paisley. It would be okay and he beat the ticket reptile pets out nonaligned movement it.