Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 21st, 2018

Thursday, June 21st


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Okay Genentech to. Turning his colleagues joke possibly you know. And a dollar concessions. Five pop culture questions. You correctly and took more than Tammy you wet and followed is going time. Police shot is in Claremont Daly shot. Morning to kick Candiotti here please of course I'm so sorry Ken but you clean clean. Police you'd be much too polite to you Larry the title and Tammy come on now I know but it's still been ruled. Police and a lesson for all of us thank you for teaching at. Good for you all right listen if you get more right than Tammy happened yesterday you get a hundred dollars over ST CC you checking account money. San Diego County credit union good as GCC dot com slash vote right now. And get SEC CU that coveted best credit union. In the UT readers' poll award. A revelation that's a lucky we got Carrie Underwood quote feels she looks different. After she suffered a nasty fall without really forty stitches in her face shortfalls when Carrie first started on American Idol junior fan club called Karrie is here bears. It. Up rocks dot com has put together a list of the saddest most tear jerking songs in Disney's animated movies. Number one on the saddest songs was I will go on sailing no more and. Okay. Disney Pixar movie was that. Great story I declined renowned. No but that got a good heart and that moved me. It was announced Tuesday that Oprah Winfrey as the first black female entrepreneur who were to appear on the Bloomberg billionaires index. The list ranks the world's 500 the richest people. So let's put a high low game Oprah is the world's 157. Richest person. Is that too tired to below. Hi. Beyoncé and Jay-Z released a song called salute. Salute is a Spanish word that's often use the post what does a lewd mean. Here and finally Jonah Hill posted a picture of himself hanging out with hot pink hair and a concert. In the 2011. Movie money ball hill stars of Brad Pitt about what Major League Baseball team. I don't know all right whose Olympic team. And now Latin. Thank you think the team I don't I don't know I don't know I isn't easy but put too much pressure in his upper back at. Police what you got going on today. And making infantry to rank second critical teachers and they are all wrong and have the talent that my that doesn't. Lou good for you that's nice tickets and what the treaties today just curious. Atmel at length of semi tire making. Little late to turn on chicken sandwiches and couple other little things just get like a little. Many lunch and a. Point you're gonna chicken see what is your kids' preschool teacher sign me up. That's not the only should be three out of five that it can't be OK Carrie Underwood feels she looks different. After she suffered a nasty fall which left her needing forty stitches in her face I'm sorry I don't tour false. When Carrie first started an American Idol she had a fan club called carries care Beers. That's type that that's true. You've got to extricate itself has kept that name is blamed a Charlotte an extra carries care of errors. Oh he's also figure that would be true and it was and is 11. Up rocks dot com let's put together a list of the saddest most tear jerking songs in Disney animated movies. They included movies by Pixar and touchstone which are both owned by it is they have accidentally number one. On the list of sad songs was I able go on sailing no more. Go home. Jessica's crying and polish it was I was crying that. Tim of movie is that song from Toy Story Toy Story. All right so I took you it was announced Tuesday Oprah is the first black female entrepreneur to appear in the Bloomberg billionaires index. That list ranks the world's 500 the richest people let's play Diallo gave Oprah is the world's 157. Richest person. That too high or too low that's too high this July. In fact she's barely getting by at war 94 out of 500 I just saw that straight at it in a shocking how would've thought she'd been much higher this is still billionaire she still thought OK I think she's our O'Reilly should do that world cited three Timmy beyoncé and Jay releases song called so load. So who's got a short often uses a total was saluted lead. Good wishes. And good buzz yet that. Delete your cheers also closed could help senate means good health. Also Italian toast and Alicia and Kim you're still tied at three and finally Jody hill post a picture of himself hanging out hot pink hair and a concert. That's what you literally money ball he'll start with Brad hit it about what are usually baseball team that was so that is that's a really good movie it was the opening. Anybody I've ever played. Our idol is shot and gently today it's genuine buzz score 43 don't get hit with money lead to get a good prize you have a pair of tickets in the second row for the W Debbie Monday night raw June 25 at valley view casino center. I am right. Only usually enjoy that you get to see this. I believe I think my mind and I flunked out. Academic college of Hollywood knowledge.