Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 20th, 2018

Wednesday, June 20th


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A judge on that bench but timing is comedy joke how he would not it. Knowledge sessions when. Five pop culture questions. Correctly that's oval and timing too wet followed Todd is going to. Sabrina in beautiful Carlsbad. Age Sabrina in mining they would get picked cameo the studio please oral forward would be important but. Are right five pop culture questions Sabrina you get more right than Tammany our hundred dollar life you can't even give you how a hundred dollars. Cover harder money former SEC Steve check become number SEC's you dot com slash vote. And make SEC she best credit union for the nineteen straight year in the EST UTE readers poll that's what you Sabrina. Oh yeah. Sabrina Mike Myers finally admitted that he. Is Tommy may end the host of this three voted talent contest that original ran from 1976 to 1989. Is it called the Gong Show Star Search or name that tune. Our parent. A recent poll was taken about the breakfast habits of Americans so blessed with a high low game. When asked have you ever had pizza for breakfast. 72%. Of Americans say BS is that too high or too low. Who do OJ's. Cordon announces his next carpool karaoke guests will be Paul McCartney. The following who has not been featured on carpool karaoke. Carrie Underwood and Lady Gaga or The Backstreet Boys back to April. After Mexico upset Germany in the World Cup on Sunday fans celebrated so hard to Mexico City that they sent off an artificial earthquake. 82015 Dwayne Johnson movie where he plays the fire department helicopter pilot dealing with the aftermath of a huge earthquake. And finally Michael B Jordan picked up a award for best villain at the MTV movie and TV awards for his role in black panther. What character he played in black panther. Eric or longer. Now let's get Cheney Becky and Tim he'll be very upset to be a beef on the world's biggest black panther fan. On the phone the morning. It is Sabrina started off ice cold like never finished a real strong and got three out of five today and they shot me. Sabrina yeah brought me. Think Cheney Mike Myers finally admitted that he is coming neatly and the host of this three bloated talent contest. That originally ran from 1976. To 1989 is the Gong Show Star Search or name that to the ground show the gold show. It was seen everybody yet. No that that'll help for eagle think that creeps me out because he completely. Doesn't break character ever since we are too heavy layer of Sabrina did not know that she would Star Search when nothing Timmy hit a recent poll was taken by the breakfast habits of Americans so. It's been a high low game went. Have you ever had pizza for breakfast 72%. Of Americans said he says that too high or too low to blow me. I was shocked by this only 64%. Of Americans and yet they have. It even more amazing claim 36%. Of Americans say they've never had peace of our breakfast it's one nothing because Sabrina also went with. Too low it seems too little rightly should be higher number all right Jamie James Gordon announced his next couple karaoke gasoline Paul McCartney. Of the following who's not been featured on collar pool karaoke Carrie Underwood Lady Gaga Wear The Backstreet Boys. I'm gonna say I won't cash while. Tax reports acts streets back you're right. Sabrina also a Backstreet Boys it's totaled one Tammy. Tammy after Mexico upset Germany in the World Cup on Sunday. Fans celebrated soul heart of Mexico City a piece of an artificial earthquake. Need the 2015 Dwayne Johnson who replays of fire department helicopter pilots dealing with the aftermath of a future of a ball man. And you know what I saw that movie. What you said the problem answering yeah I just arm the name of it wow aftershock. Good guess but you searched too hard for that San Andreas was the century I think it what the bad news abortionist and I have to get this one right bad news is that Sabrina got that right didn't hesitate as a member of the Dwayne Johnson fan club at RA who knew right hook up and so it's two to two. However told the Sabrina ended up with three out of five now which means you must get this right race and it would go on record just backed me up there may be I don't think you will okay. All right best of luck to you Sabrina World Series tell you look at every ounce parent her. Jerry Michael B Jordan picked up the award for best villain at the MTV movie and TV awards for his role in black panther okay what. Was his character. Me and by the way I didn't ask for a puts a breeding EB first and last one around the country or in the last name but it's very very. Over achieve their horrible. In me and I don't remember so let's just go with. Josh correct Josh rotten. They kick ass but now unfortunately it was not Jack's car. It's a brand new without hesitating now Erica hill longer while was his name today you have just won that yeah all hundred dollars a Jimmy says DC do you check. It got Louis arena or can't. And you know hope you'll be sitting in the third row at the WWE Monday night raw genes might get that the valley view casino center alone. Pretty angry and as exciting as this summer at 101000 tickets were John and Jimmy and best of all you get to say this I have. Is breathing Carlsbad and I graduated and he's most of Hollywood knows it's.