Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 18th, 2018

Monday, June 18th


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Timing is coming in you how he would not let. And knowledge sessions. I have. Pop culture questions. You correctly until more than Tammy you wet and followed he's going to tell me. Jeff visit Ramona morning Jeff Gordon picked Jimmie a year Jeff. Growth hormone are good luck Jeff. I F five pop culture questions for you you get more than ten yeah hundred dollars over harder money for San Diego County credit union checking account. Good SEC CU dot com today and every day to vote FTC's do you best credit union in the UT readers full best of luck to you Jeff. But you know. Dwayne Johnson has been praised by moms everywhere after sharing a suite snap of his partner breastfeeding. While he spoon feeds her. What is Dwayne Johnson otherwise known that this. The rock. We are the last few days before going all summer vacation I for one will be doing some fishing in Minnesota. What is the capital Minnesota. Ball won't care but this week in 1990 for the Lion King opened to industry access. Who was the villain in the Lion King. Car. Fans of the TV show Lucifer are attempting an online petition to get their recently act show back on the air. What they worked just canceled Lucifer. And this city and finally Chris Pratt says he's available for parks and wreck reboot saying if I'm in town yeah. Parks Iraq was how he got his big break. Poses character's name of that show. Not sure it's him Beckett made tan. Jeff what's going on today. Go to work. I just driving around open again adventurer to before goes to work area Jeff did two out of five today okay. Here we go Cheney to wean it Johnson has been praised by moms everywhere. After sharing a suite snap of his partner breastfeeding. While he spoon fed is killer entered into an area was Julie Johnson otherwise known as. And Iraq he's the rock. That is correct. Jeff knew that it's 11 we the last few days if we're going a little summer vacation and Tammy I for one will be do some fishing in Minnesota. What's the capital Minnesota that NBC put off the ball marks is a capital and it just wasn't sure to want him. To me this week in 1994. The Lion King opened in theaters who's the villain in the line Kent. Move process. Possibly dad's here he needed Fox's car. Producer jets are isn't it that baby wolf kicker throw up after it. Yeah. Producer and Wisconsin right now that screening and a true that is blah. Garment plaza 1 it what am I think in if it did know that it was scar so it's 22 now. Jimmy fears the TV show Lucifer are attempting an online petition to get their recently axed show back on the air what network just cancel Lucifer. The CW. Jeff went with NBC which was wrong your guess was wrong which I guess proves why Lucifer was canceled fox is the network that cancel it. Google repetition gosh. And hopefully Netflix already announced they picked it up and athletic build and it's on us and finally Chris Pratt says he's available for a parks and rec. Reboot saying if amen to share parks and -- was how he got his big break. What was his character's name of that show I didn't even know even on that show is so we're stretched. Let's go with Pete dragon slayer writer is right I. Well call it a wire and Jeff how much or what you're chuckling about now at least Jimmy gas into. Right now. Today Jaffa must be a Monday Tuesday to. Jeff to you don't win Jimmy's might lead to get a prize a string with us this morning actually rip you up with a pair of tickets in the fifth row to the WWE Monday night raw June 25. At valley view casino center. Yeah did you body fit proceeds to WW eat it must meet a summary 101000 tickets are canceling. Have a great day Jeff enjoy your week patent.