Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 15th, 2018

Friday, June 15th


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I could judge bench yeah Tommy and his colleagues joke how he would not let. From the dollar concessions when. Try and pop culture questions. You correctly and took more than Tammy you're wet and followed tiger is going to Tammy. Destiny is in valley center dust and good morning good morning which you can tell me out of your pal bill or all right I'll tell us. They're completely. Our constant wealth that he got there welcome to college solid knowledge Dustin if you get more pop culture questions write them to hand there are five of them she'll give you a hundred dollars over harder money former ST CC checking account. Remember San Diego County credit union what you vote for them prevents credit union SE CC dot com slash vote. Just invest the lucky nobody up here milky Bobby Brown that abandoned her social networking account aunt Millie be brown on Wednesday the move came shortly after the stranger things the star was the subject of almost all of it means. On the social network what social network about talking about it is to grant Twitter or FaceBook. Thank you grant Sophia bush really wanna marry Chad Michael Marie but she was quote 22 and stupid. The two met in supposedly fell in love. When they co starred on what 2003 TV show that ran for nine seasons on first the WB and and the CW. Seem George Lucas says that he did the Star Wars sequels that have been about micro buyout like creatures called the wheels that controlled the universe and feed off the force. Lucas sell Star Wars do. I'd kidney Leslie Jones helps Saturday alive will be less political next season. Because quote you need The Three Stooges just as much as you need John Oliver. What is the political satire showed John Oliver hosts. I don't out and finally. When Quinton Tarantino first asked Neil Diamond it to uses mob is music and pulp fiction Neil Diamond said no but as publisher said I. You wanna say yes it heavily Bruce Willis plays an aging boxer what is his character's first name. I don't know I don't know you know. All right let's get him back in load test today. I doesn't what's happened in personal who's helping you the background. Now I get that I was act yet that the affair theaters find on that people caught in the background how hot. Merit like date your multitasking. Here wanted to carry yourself in this dude is really got to stuff together except for one thing. Not his strongest effort today one out of five okay Friday's or thrown out of the area. Didn't really Bobby Brown abandoned her social network act merely be brown on Wednesday the move came shortly after the stranger things start. Was the subject of homophobic means. On the social network but what social networking my talking about instead Graham Twitter or FaceBook. I was there and if it's at AB Twitter. And that is correct and that way through there who does away with it see Graham is one nothing ten Sophia bush really didn't wanna marry Chad Michael Murray. But she was quote to 42 is stupid. Web chat Montgomerie loved during that I've had a ton next. And supposedly. Fell in love. When they co startle what 2003 TV show their ran for nine seasons on first VWB and then the CW. What song man. Or a warrant was that's so difficult. So not my Tampa watching TV com. Was its. A horse can come up with it I haven't oh in my head but it's not. The OC. The intro and and wrong though the answer is one tree hill Google always kind of on the right track. That's the wrong 00. So it's still want nothing to having George Lucas says that if he did a Star Wars sequels. That have been about micro black attic creatures called the wiggles that controls the universe and feed off the force. Boys the girl happy sold yeah. Speaking of which according sell to. Move. Start start just the beginning part George Lucas says that if heat did this Star Wars OK those are resulting is at Disney courses Disney. It's a by the way Dustin knew that gave up and yeah. It's two to one Timmy Timmy Leslie Jones hopes that they'll be less political next season because quote illegal three stooges just as much as you need John Oliver. What is the political satire show John Oliver hosts. Which when does he do you know how many are. Are on I should know this one. What is he does he do it right now. No it is the last. Only tonight on HBO are great so what does it didn't go undated nobody there's still 21 Tammy and finally when Quentin Tarantino first ask Neil Diamond to use his music and pulp fiction. Neil Diamond said no his publisher says ot you wanna say yes. He did finally in that movie Bruce Willis is an aging boxer what is his character's name oh my god I don't remember Tom at all. The I am I quoted his name about it. You what is this bookshop what does book should mean is he was butch. Dustin didn't know what either today it was my score just to go one. Dustin so you don't winner money but you do get a good prize. Just replaying along Dustin does an organ such over the family four pack of tickets to the scene Diego county fair going on now through July 4. Yeah it doesn't enjoy that's part of the summer 101000 tickets how ever. He could do this to Vienna Friday but I do this for you say pan doesn't grew art center and I like that Andy card holders of more.