Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 23rd, 2018

Monday, July 23rd


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I dread general adventure. Timing of his colleagues joke how he would not let. No concessions when. Time pop culture questions. You correctly and took more than Tammy you wet and followed by he's going to have time. Added it is in that Mira mesa given what's going on brow. Paramount lot it's right for good school which kicked Tammy are nearly doing that. Yes sir. It aren't buying Dave and I got five pop culture questions for you get more than ten. You get a hundred dollars a very much harder money for San Diego County credit union checking account as the ACC you dot com it's a Big Bang banking it's better that's a lucky Appel. I. The all star cast for an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical let's finally being treated to a movie has been announced. Taylor Swift Jennifer Hudson James scored an end so in Macau and will star in this feline in the themed production. With famous tunes like memory. Name that musical the war and feline. Our bill. And I did they feel like that out. American horror stories announce the title of the next season of the show. Season legal apocalypse super cool sounding today crossover with murder house season one and cob in season three. What network peers American horror story FX AMC or Hulu. Think a guy at comic con panel told Jamie Lee Curtis that you survived a home invasion. Because of what he learned from her character from a classical horror movie Jamie came down off the stage and hugged him pretty cool moment. What classic horror movie in my referring to. Following. Only eat half million people watched the Major League Baseball all star game last week the game got beat by America's Got Talent. Who took over for Nick Cannon as host of America's Got Talent. Forward and all of the and finally Lauren Alina is engaged to longtime boyfriend Alex Hopkins to both 23 beginning for. Six years we first met Loren on what season of American. And let's get to Hideki owed camera. Did that you hear your voice she's on disappointing yourself at all yeah. You mean you get ready for war melody do. I'd deliver. Our order and learning right don't need to drive and yeah look at our and he will drive and a big semi to LA on Friday album. Our core. The David users and an award just for that alone no I don't unfortunately that one out of five today okay oh. Tammy the all star cast for Angela Webber musical that's finally being turned to a movie has been announced Taylor Swift Jennifer Hudson James Gordon so Ian McKellen who. The gonna star in the speed line themed production with famous tunes like memory and the in the musical. Cats. And it would say it I can't stunk and my sister to obviously went to a new Yorker I'm broadly comic a social like this does Broadway and these tickets because a Julian Bucs this thing blow as I was like sleeping in the second half wow. David went with a feline based movie. Maybe musical someday Garfield OK but I'm not looking for dude but I did say felines at least take a guess it's 11 yeah American horror story has announced the title of the next season of the show season eight apocalypse. It's a crossover American horror story fans are stoked about this going to be a crossover with murder how season one and cob in season three what network airs American horror stories FX AMC or Hulu. Com Iman Hussein. It's AMC's that was my gut instinct to call. David also with the ANC must have been a good thing but it's aspects so it's up to one nothing you can David. All right the million help. A guy comic con panel told Jamie Lee Curtis he survived a home invasion. Because of what you learn from her character from a classical horror movie. We came down off the stage hugged him now what classical or Lehman referring to you are probably Halloween is definitely following. And of course and Halloween fashion go home invader got up after ten minutes and lived up like thirteen more sequels. So now it's 221. Because David knew that. Jimmy only eaten half million people watched the Major League Baseball all star game last Tuesday night it was beaten by America's Got Talent. Magical for Nick Cannon as host of America's Got Talent. Only got you know I haven't even seen that show since he didn't I have absolutely no idea what her personal and national Monday. No David went with Simon Cowell that's that's incorrect he's a jolly and he is a judge on America's Got Talent Tyra Banks step again. For Nick Cannon and so we're still two to one. And finally Lauren Olena is engaged her longtime boyfriend Alex Hopkins are both 23. And have been dating since 20126. Years so is correct. They've been dating since they were sixteen years old Zachary Adam wow we first met Lauren on what season of American Idol. 'cause you always ask the it's a good standard question. Time now. From learn Alina let's go win us I don't know how many seasons are let's go a season fifteen I don't know. It was the runner up in season ten of American Idol today not much much but Timmy wins by a score tool to one David you don't get to Amy's money. But you do get a good prizes are playing with us this morning it was a hard on today David but you are gonna get a pair of tickets to cowboy boots and swimsuits which happens next Thursday. And here as a resort socal feature music by Anderson east going to be fantastic time thank you so. It's a bonus stop of the summer 101000 tickets so enjoy that before that though I do of this for you. I'm due to terrorism and it won't go as and the college Bollywood knowledge.