Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 19th, 2018

Thursday, July 19th


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And knowledge sessions when. I have. Pop culture of questions. You correctly until more than Tammy you're wearing an old guy is going to tell me. Shall pay Chris. Arm I'm well would you please kicked me out of here man. Crowd. Chris I have five pop culture questions. You get more right than to you get a hundred dollars for harder money from San Diego County credit union checking account as DC CDU. It's that Big Bang making its better all right Chris bass the lucky Appel or hopeful for your members are a couple of comic con questions in the midst okay aren't. In case you missed it it was a pretty epic and potentially dangerous ball on EGT Tuesday night. He was a performance by duo transcended trapeze Koppel and he dropped his partner she plummeted to the stage she's okay what does EGG stand for. Those. I have no clue. You'll realize how many amazing movies Rob Reiner directed until you see something like a list that faltered dot com compiled all of his movies ranked from best to worst. What Rob Reiner movie to be ranked number one a few good men this is Spinal Tap or the princess bride. There's a list of thirteen sets of actors allegedly best friends on screen. Put reportedly hate each other in real life. Unless that is the cast of the show where the actors that played big characters breathe get real and when that. Apparently hate the actor that played Susan. What does this show. In the board game monopoly. Owning a railroad is fairly lucrative. Real worlds are there and monopoly. Com. Oh and finally the big buzz at comic unless that was interleague inciting. Fans crowded around the Walking Dead star hoping for an autograph only problem was it was not Andrew Lincoln. Just a really good lookalike. What does that mean Lincoln's cabinet about to leave the show. Or get him back you know ten. And IN. Chris what's after the candidate Al. Kicking back at three out of five today nice job. Are you. Tammy KG misses a pretty epic potentially dangerous fall on EGT Tuesday night. It was a performance by eight Trenton PCs duo named duo transcend. And he dropped here. She's okay what does EGG stand for America's Got Talent so. I'm so and that showed no. Thirteen seasons definitely caught on but that you love it Chris could not come up that. One nothing 1010 you don't realize how many amazing Louise Rob Reiner directed. Until you see something illicit bolstered dot com compiled all of his movies ranked from best to worst. What Reiner movie they ranked number one a few good men this is Spinal Tap for the princess bride. All my goodness wow. All spectacular. I mean cash toward anybody know that and let's say what that person do it okay. Few good men this is Spinal Tap or. Princess bride. It's. All you wouldn't know the answer to that one aren't. How funds Dominique that's all anybody want the peanut panel came failed attack not cut. Relatively little bit out of it. Chris knew that so it's 11. Tim and an illicit a bodily presence brought it configured hot has it was a thirteen sets of actors and love this question who had to play best friends on the screen the report we hate each other in real life on the list is this cast of the show. Where the actors that played the characters breathe Gabriela Lynette apparently hated the actor that played Susan. What is this show. Mom. Dismissal which one. Greet every pound limit. Ole. Always a desperate housewife golf justice. Was. Although it apparently Terry Hatcher was not liked by the weird if you heard that I heard it through an interesting Chris knew that so it's still tied it two. To the board game monopoly owning a railroad is a fairly lucrative thing to deal. Nobody railroads are their monopoly for. It's right. Reading, Pennsylvania billion island shore line true confession time I've never in my life completed regular monopoly and I don't think anybody I have Jewish. Would he be hypocritical attention Sinatra and easily 32 and find a big buzz at comic con last that was Andrew Lincoln citing. Fans crowded around the Walking Dead star hoping for an autograph only problem was it was not Andrew Lincoln books just he really good lookalike. What is the name of Lincoln's character is about to leave that show. Cash I've never seen an episode of that and I've heard some names. It's I don't remember so let's go with Luke Luke. Correct Chris knew it though it's Rick and that means today we finished with a tie Chris unfortunately Timmy gleam rules that all rise go to her. Tito get a money order Boeing will occupy a pretty nice prize during the canceling summer 101000 tickets yes we will Chris you are gonna go see Brad Paisley tomorrow night at the matches are rampant theater. And you're very welcome and you earned it.