Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 18th, 2018

Wednesday, July 18th


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I can't judge bench. Timing of his colleagues joke Hollywood not a from the dollar concession. I pop culture questions. You correctly until more than Tammy you wet them forward is going to tell me. As soon as Scott in Santee went up Scott. Well EU. At which could carry tiger's got to get out all right Scott I got 50 culture questions for either all about comic con today. To get your nerd on. The more than I am you get a hundred dollars of her harder money from the city of cutting credit in checking account OK. As DCC used a Big Bang banking it's better here we go. Let's get our comic con. What does Taylor Bruce Wayne and a game that demands both Blair is it Albert L thread or Alfonse. It Nickelodeon announced they're gonna do a live action CGI movie of their classic animated show. That focuses on a group of toddlers most probably Tommy Chuckie twins still loyal and Anjelica. What show is this. One of the most anticipated panels a comic con this year. As far as I'm concerned is the reunion of the full cast of breaking up what network aired breaking bad. Oh would it have been that that they exhibit then Netflix. Show off the other big story is the comic con debut Jody Whitacre who is the first. Ever woman. To play this legendary time traveling scientist. Who is actually time lord who we're talking about. He. I know I don't know. OK and finally the movie trailer for lament will debut at comic on this week what is awkward man is a real name John Conley. Arthur curry. Or Douglas stands though. Get him back in ten. Yeah I those names just to pick it up. Terry Scott came on hot man in four out of 50 wow. Jimmy let's get our comic con on Shelley Meyer ain't what is the alien Bruce Wayne AKA Batman as Butler is an Albert Alfred or Alfonse. Alfred Alfred. Extra credit for her last name anybody. Anywhere. Scotland L for his wealth 11 Nickelodeon Allison doing a live action CGI movie. Of their classic animated show the focus on the group of toddler was probably Tommy Chuckie to instill little and Anjelica what show is this rug rats. So let's could be weird man is CGI live action CGI a movie Scott knew that studio. It'll most anticipated panels at comic con this year is the reunion of the full cast of breaking that jazz he had got to get in that panel. Please ask you record in those panels and all. OK I don't I never had the million panels on the nation available online afterwards OK what network they're breaking bad era and him. I wanna see. AMC AMC is correct Scott is even kind enough to remind us of their airing the whole Sean Netflix think Burnett's got it through security. Timmy and other big stories the comic con debut of Jody Whitaker. Who is the first ever woman. To play this legendary. Kind traveling scientist who's actually time lower. Who we're talking about. I would think that's doctor whom you. Actor who is correct connect you how impressed I am without question. Yeah. Why it. Still keep it down and let it I'm so excited for her intelligence Austen would she be received well by the nerds I think so people up and wanna female doctor for a long time is that right welcome and I know I am all right Scott that's. Well Lauren what happens. All right Scott couldn't come up with that unfortunately for Scott announced for a three Tammy and finally the movie trailer for awkward man will debut at comic on this week. He's wearing pants movie trailer by the way and he launched problem with that leather pants up another chance underwater I seriously didn't. The chance alone and what does not commands real name John Conley. Are third curry or dumb withstand dull. What are my choices John Conley Arthur curry or Douglas stand though. Let's go it's being Bea Arthur curry chair Scott also Bea Arthur curry scout did you guess that. While apple he yelled at Johns Tammy. Get me this is your least favorite category week because you're not hasn't dirty is Jeff and I are genius meaning Harry Potter think yeah five for five with a comic con addition I'm very high with that. Got that day. How much press at all a force field lost fortified but done. You know what they'll during the summer 101000 tickets you get a good prize or play in the college knowledge knowledge yes or organ is such epic tickets to go see Brad Paisley this Friday night a mattress from RAMP theater are threat that I don't wanna remind the audience to on Thursday and Friday we have extra opportunities to see Brad Paisley will be giving away front row and also tickets in the. Look forward to that Scott island authority hearings in this. I'm you know and then two I slugged out. General Caldwell acknowledged.