Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - January 23rd, 2018

Tuesday, January 23rd


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I got to judge bench. Timing is college of Hollywood not. And knowledge sessions when. Five pop culture questions. You correctly and took more than happy to wet and followed tide is going to tell me. Isn't held Gogh Monet Stephanie would you kicked Jimmy out here. Daddy you're getting good. Stephanie is a mess around this morning love and a chance 400 dollars from Tammy San Diego County Chordiant checking accounts a big bank banking it's better it could be your Stephanie but you got a meter okay. I'm best of luck to you here we go as you probably heard killing con EA have a new baby via surrogate. And another unique name for her. What US city is also the baby's name. Yeah the New England Patriots are in the super ball again. EA. How many bowls as Tom Brady one. How ACC verbal. You. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is such a Star Wars fan that he wrote an article defending the latest movie about people not big fans of it. What's The Who is Star Wars movie called. I. Dire order. I don't know I don't want that there is. Eddie Lee Miller scored early prison release after serving less than half funny fraud sentence. What reality TV showed that are on. It. And K and finally DJ jazzy Jeff turned 53 years old yesterday. On top of being Will Smith DJ he also had a recurring role on the fresh prince. What uncle Phil duel to DJ jazzy Jeff as a long running joke on the show. Around. Let's get to mimic in a Steffi what's happening with you today. Are not aware. What would you do for a living and it at an awesome are you gonna celebrate national hiding. Not been aware that. OK well maybe just sort something out. Stephanie started I got cold finished up 215 didn't. Jimmy you probably heard killing Kanye a new baby via surrogate and another unique name for her. What US city is also the baby's name are Chicago. Connie is from Chicago some say that's why they're calling her shy for short which is kind of adorable factually. It's 11 Stephanie knew that the doing the patriots. Are in the Super Bowl again whom. The aim. How many syllables a summary one. 515. Stephanie I doubt it because I'm gonna wise crack that is so tired of the right. Because I come down patriots fans really the best is come down he's won five step newest to. It's two to one Tammy Joseph Gordon-Levitt is such a Star Wars fan but he wrote an article to defend the latest movies. What's it called. All my goodness what is the new Star Wars. For the last ten air force awakens. The last generally are worthless tank towards the last July is correct Steffi or Star Wars utterly no I don't want to series. Which is a lengthy title. And not correct routes and around him who is up 31. Tim bee Lee Miller scored early prison release after serving less than half of a fraud sentence what reality TV showed she star on. Com Macy's is it dance moms she is on dance moms. By the way too elusive wait go to prison just come off the person she used to be as a pitcher reais or that are recognized and definitely huge dance moms fan and Omaha and it's now 421. Tammy and finally Jimmy DJ jazzy Jeff turned 53 yesterday. And probably Will Smith DJ he also had a recurring role on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air political fill due to jazz is a long running joke on the shelf while. I honestly cannot remember I don't remember every time to his hat off I don't know. In some capacity. He would force lethal amount of the house I'll connect to a window tolerance. For it okay are all right stepping out on until the final score is four to 20 Tammy so sorry step. He'll grab any attendees money. But you organized prize ring with us this morning yes we we have a four pack of tickets WWE lab wrote to wrestle mania happens Monday February 26 at the valley view casino center. I'm and it at all and. Austin Stephanie enjoy that but before you go I do of this where you say. And that's you know that I had blanked out at any kind of I.