Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - January 22nd, 2018

Monday, January 22nd


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Adventure adventure. Timing is college of Hollywood not it. The knowledge sessions. Pop culture questions. Correctly accountable and you followed tie is going to. Such Alcoa won't think your point of that head that. I'm raring I'm well thank you for us would you kicked Jimmy out here this. Morning. If it rocks. And that. That's Tammy didn't end of the week last week and a high note she lost her 139. College but she does have 1001. Victories now so. Pretty impressive win percentage we wish you well okay. And in public health officials are once again warning kids not to lick cold bowls. They think that they saved because of children imitating a certain iconic holiday movie. Where the character flick gets his tongue stuck to the poll after a triple dog dare named holly movie. Yeah. People have asked Hulk Hogan to run for either the senate or the governor in Florida by hand. He thinks he could win. What does Hulk Hogan colas fan base our crew Groundhog Day is almost here. In what state they bring up pucks Tony failed to predict the weather. Template called. Two and over content and ninetieth. The Super Bowl is sat. The patriots beat in last year's Super Bowl. I ray Wilson has 52 he played Dwight on the office. What is the name of the HR guy on the opposite Steve corals character absolutely loathed. On and let's get to Hideki and take care. Of the I was hanging outside and in our new studios treat it and pretty nice. Actually yeah on our construction workers and we were doing thirty. Beth did 215 today cocaine. Damn public health officials want to get a warning kids not to lick cold pools they say it's because of children imitating a certain iconic college Italy Bubba Bubba what is. A Christmas story of course it is. I knew that it's 11 people have asked Hulk Hogan to run for even the senate or the governor in Florida which people hall. People really clamoring for new governor of Florida. Haley thinks he can win what does Hulk Hogan calls fan base. Owing no I should know this one did notice our old producer and Jones imitate this all the time. It's an. Called a whole meaning it's not it's our right to hope maniacs. Are piecing whole maniacs. You're almost their whole goal maniacs welcome maniac. And don't get involved cardiac. Problems. If something happens you run out of gas just chatting or. The largest back in the world they're not gonna battle us hello all as a safety. I get its doorstep not so says no and I'll emphatic attempt at its new buildings made even more intense steps my goodness Bob it's 221. Beth knew that Timmy groundhog is almost here. What state they bring up to Tony feel to predict the weather Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania. Beth said someplace cold what was Wisconsin. I'm pumped and Diego how would I know. You know what Albert Jimmy the groundhog is in Wisconsin. May be taken him from her. Let's go with that it's not tied up to the Super Bowl is sat. The teenager is beaten last year's Super Bowl. Was that the falcons it was good job. Atlanta Falcons choked in the fourth quarter producers stuff oddly and death both went with Denver. And do the could have be playing Denver the Super Bowl the bowl in the AFC Howell and loops are different our ball. Don't live in cold states that. While the don't hear today. Three to Tammy. And finally Rainn Wilson is 52 today. He played Dwight on the office. Of the of the HR guy and the opposite Steve corals character absolutely loathed it. I. Do not want sexual enough to know so I'm just gonna pick a name out of thin air was calm man. Is incorrect he was told Lee Anderson I thought it was interesting when Beth heard of the words absolutely load she'll with a named John Carden. Let's go to day care who wins by a score of three to two so bad you don't get any attend his money. Former San Diego County credit union checking account by the way STC's use of the bank making its better. But he did a nice prizes for being with us this morning that's funny that John Brock out brought up Paul cook because you have a four packets exit Debbie Debbie G. Peru route cool at all about yet is happens February 26 at the value casino sent. Odd when you bet thank you before you leave the I do this for you say. My name is that. Erica Hahn and I blinked out of hand college's college did not.