Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - January 16th, 2018

Tuesday, January 16th


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I can't judge bench. Timing is colleague Jim of how he would not let. And knowledge sessions when. I pop culture questions. You correctly that opponents have you wet followed ties is going to. School in mesa Sega Hornish on tag at boy shot dead poll would you pick Timmy the studio please. Report. So Shawntae Timmy got 998. Victories to 138. Losses. Hopefully today you give her lost number 139 take home some money for rescinding a coney pretty checking account. ST CC was not a Big Bang thinking it's better good luck to you. Here we go people England are very excited about this sitcom. Featuring Chandler Phoebe Ross Monica Joey and Rachel. Finally appearing on Netflix what sitcom is it. It actor Jeff Bridges home was destroyed. In last week's mudslides. He is Oprah's neighbor he also is an actor brother is his name mold. Whole awards show bridges. People Magazine claims Diet Coke has created for new flavors including ginger lime and twisted mango. What was Diet Coke introduced to the world 1979. At 1980. Or 1982. The station with the rights to the Super Bowl is charging you get this seven point seven million dollars. For a 32 commercial what channel is the Super Bowl airing on this year. And finally actor Patrick Dempsey turned 52 over the weekend. We all know that you played big dream beyond Grey's Anatomy but what is his character's actual name. Note though expect that the. It to make you hate. John diligently. Are we pull them out or eight. Aaron insurers. Gush on dated two out of five sedate him OK. And blatantly done more Samantha I have. Did people think they're very excited about this sitcom featuring Chandler Phoebe Ross Monica Joey and Rachel finally appearing on Netflix. What sitcom is it friends and his crew. Dante knew that 11. Actor Jeff Bridges home was destroyed in last week's mudslides he is Oprah's neighbor. He also as an actor brother is his name mold bow or Joseph bridges there would be Bo. Beau Bridges is correct. Fabulous baker boys and screaming with Jeff and overs in the fabulous Michelle Feinberg who really good movie. It's 22 shot to do that. People Magazine claims that Diet Coke is created for new flavors including ginger lion and twisted mango what was Diet Coke introduced to the world 19791980. Or 1982. Well it's a really good question. Bomb. I'm an echo what the middle and be. 1982. On the world got their Diet Coke fix on its two to focus on day. I believe shut you also 1980. All right so we're all still tied to the station with the rights of the Super Bowl Tammy is charging seven. Point seven million dollars. For a 32. Commercial. Better be good. What channel is airing a Super Bowl this year. Is that fox. Notes NB CNBC. Show until a CBS so we're still tied it two. And finally actor Patrick Dempsey turned 52 over the weekend. We should all of that there were 52 years all right we all completely dreamy agrees inedible but his character's actual name. Bearded and food. Wow I don't remember let's just go with David and I don't remember. And he was incorrect as is Ted which bush on state went with doctor Derek shepherd I'll tell you see shine today two out of five unfortunately. It's a tie with Tammy and all ties do go to Timmy so that means Timmy has victory. Number 999. Now you don't walk away empty handed money we have a pair of tickets for you to go see Sugar Land June sentenced. At the Del Mar fairgrounds tickets on sale this Saturday Itanium would you got them first. Everyone else can go to kiss when dot com for the details. John to enjoy that have a great day and think Clinton is collagen Hollywood knowledge.