Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: George

Friday, April 29th

George comes ready to play, but then Tammy gets ALL FIVE correct! 


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I can't judge bench after tummy is college. How they would not. An hour sessions. Well coach your questions. Correctly at component Tammy you're not supposed tide is going to tell me. Sure he did she is here that she'd she'd answers that we gave yesterday at 440. All right good luck to you now whirlpool for us we all know by now that prince passed away. What's stayed. Did prince call home. Beaten and speaking of fallen stars. Who is the formerly great golfer whose girlfriend Lindsey Vonn says is also a great skier. Oh tiger what it. Megan Fox is having a baby with her estranged husband and former Beverly Hills 90210. Star who is heat. Seeing. Her. He would. Learning Ian yeah but it conclude that there. I'm Tom Cruise is reportedly distancing himself from science technology. Actress Lira meaning from kings and queens flow laughed Scientology's. What was Lee is full character's name on King of Queens. I don't carry it. And finally Jessica all what is it legal trouble after it was found her baby food company. Wasn't as truthful as their name claims to be what's the name of her baby food brand. Gerber let's get to be back in the down and so George grabbed me if I'm wrong we met at the lakeside western days parade last weekend and you were talking all kinds of smack about being damn right I'm. Or are being called out on NASCAR has yet. Oh do you talk some smack and for the most part you brought it George did three out of 50 yeah George we all know by now that the great friends passed away what state did prince call home Minnesota. You say the ruinous rule it out. George knew that 11 speaking of fallen stars who is the formerly great golf star who Lindsay Vaughn says is a great skier as well. I'm Tiger Woods. Yes. Tiger was correct George knew that it's 22. Megan Fox is having a baby with her estranged husband. And former Beverly Hills now 210 star who is he Brian Austin Green that is his name. I'm Austin Graham apparently the the national still there and have a baby yeah I think I think they're back together now anyway Georgia with Ian Ian. Yeah. And so 83 to two Tammy Tom Cruise reportedly distancing himself from Scientology's. Clearly fall left Scientology's. She's don't give queens of course was her character's full name. Terry Catherine and they'll all have burned in my love that show is right. George and I just read her book by the way which is really really gets those four. Just three. Came because George knew that and finally Jessica Alba isn't legal trouble. After it was found their baby food company wasn't as truthful as their name claims to be what's the name. Are forbidden fruit brand the honest company is the honest companies. What is called the auto companies reducing pure and yeah so in the beef is it's great to be does there was something bad and wanna run something that was kind of chemical subjects so not so honest company made an. Have an impact at Georgia went with her birth which is a baby food company just not the one we were looking for me and I thought they might tilt top four but today it was five for five George not much you can do that goes down. You can't see. All right. And George you don't walk away empty handed cedar we and a pair of tickets to the Temecula valley balloon and wine festival that happens may twentieth. Through the 22 live concerts on two stages wine tasting Dalian obviously the hot air balloon launches. Excellent you guys did get word thank you throw your support Jim Lara. Men and women are not uniform you guys do great work. While George thank you for that not gonna feel bad I have to make you. Make it the best stuff up. I warmed George consider made and I flunked out of Chad meets. College Polly good knowledge.