Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - December 20th,2017

Wednesday, December 20th


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Timing is college of how he would not play. And knowledge sessions when. I have. Pop culture questions. You correctly until more than Tammy you wed next followed is going to tell me. Vanessa is in El Cajon Vanessa welcome to Tammy is college of Hollywood knowledge. Good morning would you please kicked me out here. But also you got a chance to Jimmy Carter and money former San Diego County credit union checking account. San Diego County credit he knew is that big bank making its veteran SEC CU dot com. We have a cheat sheet answers. Here we go. Anna Kendrick went on the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon to plug her newest movie pitch perfect three. And it turns out is a very solid Kristen Stewart imitation name of the movie were and it plays back a singer in a college a cappella group called the balance. The moving to Santa Claus seems to be on TV every two hours the star of the Santa Claus is all the after the play buzz light year in the Toy Story series name him. And and a lot a lot of banks. So like you put the question goes on last night the chip monks Christmas song is on both the most loved and most hated Christmas songs list. The chip monks are Elvin assignment ended Uma. It and it ends. Go home and how that in the end. The official trailer for Sandra Bullock's oceans he came out yesterday it's no female reboot of the reboot of ocean's eleven it also stars Rihanna. Failing and people and yet. Who is an Oscar Sandra Bullock orchid plants yet. And finally producers staff's favorite Christmas movie is home alone we all know that Macaulay Culkin plate Kevin McCallister. What the characters' names of the two burglars in home alone. Oh. A lot and they've seen it. Yeah I get it I don't know a. All right let's get him back in they can't say. But that's what's going on view today. And petting though where Tyler RT HR company. Okay Londonderry to this job done nothing out of nothing offends my promise. But that's added 45 Daytona itself oh. Anna Kendrick went on tonight's show would you talent applaud her newest will be pitched a perfect three and it turns out she is a very solid Kristen Stewart imitation. Minimal we were in a place back on a singer in college a cappella group called the bellows. Pitch perfect okay they hit hard OK I know I was kind of scared like that is heavy it's the last couple shows we hear about I don't feel I don't I. I. Vanessa knew that one won the movie the Santa Claus it seems to be on TV every two hours finesse and I just washed it last night not to get it everywhere for Vanessa but again. The star the Santa Claus is also the actor that played was like you're the Toy Story series name him. Tim Allen that is all right Vanessa knew that is all tied up to the chipmunk Christmas song is tumbled the most loved and the most hated. Christmas songs lists which were you. Wouldn't. Number and accused the chip monks are Alvin Simon and whom Allman Simon and oh my gosh. The effect on same ease and Mike I can't remember Bart. That you might remember Alvin Simon and Theodore Theodore. I'll boy Vanessa knew that those 32 but NASA. Giving official trailer for Sandra Bullock's oceans beat Cuba yesterday it's an all female reboot of the reboot of ocean's eleven. It also stars Rihanna Mindy cabling and Cate Blanchett. Who as an Oscar Sandra Bullock or Capel and yet. Sandra Bullock sort of blind tag great that's your answer yeah. The trick question because they both. Have an Oscar song people and chip one for the aviator and who hasn't she's got two of them as a matter of fact Bullock won for. The blind side and they both do and what your feature so mad at me a picture perfect before that speech he answers. And that means that you can't win this game this is afforded to Niles oh finally put her sister as favorite Christmas movies home alone. We although Macaulay Culkin played Kevin McCallister what the characters' names of the two burglars and home alone and barked he's already been used. I don't remember Martin and here you know I got it by NASA while it really wouldn't of mattered anyway about that last question Vanessa winds. Don't even close for a two that's all we call a college Y and nice job Vanessa. Not only do you have a hundred dollars from my San Diego County credit union checking account. You also have 100 dollars to spend that Kevin Jewelers family owned since 1975. And. Vanessa have a wonderful Christmas yet a hundred bucks to spend on yourself I hope. Another order books the jeweler is a nice little pay for ads against me. And I could get you back on her quiet. Yes we hit it wasn't available at the most important thing because I did 200 bucks and who can't we can't allow that. And a blessing is or does he get to see this. I am the and I'll go on and I graduated. And and it kind of Ali that I'll and it.