Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge Controversy!

Tuesday, November 7th


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A judge I got that job. Timing is colleagues joke how he would not let you talk drove. Although I gotta say is while the city maybe you heard the plus and Internet and at it it wouldn't talk. Of Tammy losing her second street usually. It's people sticking up. For the contestant because made at that person should want him money. But Brittany did win yesterday on a call that I made and lot of people are sticking up for you to check this out Ralph much he'll turn 56 years old on Saturday. He was the Karate Kid. What was the name of the blonde bully from the cobra tide goes Joseph Daniels admitted defeat in order to win the martial arts tournament. I'm not an online and don't. I'm learning and John John. C said John Hughes and said John again to creator rights. And then two incomes and Ralph my geo turned 56 years old over the weekend he was the Karate Kid. What was the name of the blonde bully from the Cobra Kai Dojo Daniels and had to defeat. In order to win the martial arts tournament teams can't remember his name armed. Shoot. For let me camping and Tommy and Tommy. It was Johnny. Now. Britney said John. I think we gotta give the British don't you mean the ever columns on in the movie. If you're given a question to me I don't remember but apple that would be what you would here's what I say my name is John Ray but many people call me Johnny. Including your husband. Let's get to Britney. Present and beyond there. Let's think back to that and I still stand by it ice little. I think. He can be very company's stance. Feel good about Britney thing this. And I I. I'm Tammy caller I let it. That was the deciding online that let the deciding answered the that we get some. That's an email and stuff because the problem lies. Is there's another character in the movie whose name is John neither leader of ego Asia and beyond Johnny yet the average guy die Asia does Indonesia when Johnny was a member of great. Well so I'm John yes so wasn't John and John and John and Johnny I'm just sorted out there I am I am I and can a step I'll let everyone else decide this one but. Is it fair to take that one when there is secure to a very important part of the of the movie who is. The leader of his Dojo and his name is John indicated is Johnny now. I asked specifically the blond haired bullying that took on gala Russo in the Karate Kid I didn't ask. For the evil Doe's show mountain. And ray I semi problem both named it the same name. For now I am a John Newton. I am called Johnny by many people. And the UNC will more and build more further research is bothered me on the IV I didn't sleep at all I act. If it was spelled. Johnny JO NNY. Would you be it drew a derivative of John then. It's not it's spelled JOH and and why would you be a derivative of junk. So I'm really glad to say that I stand by that I have a 61957. Own number one at 973 what is your take on it because through the whole movie he's called Johnny. That's his Dojo mastery is John you never hear is don't mess is named by the way. I for I've I've had try to give a thousand times OK I've never known the guy's name was John okay aren't I don't know what I would like to just see what. Everyone else if if if if everybody else thinks. That you should do. Be rewarded for that or Britney should have that taken away there for you guys were tied. I will paper that okay how's that I like that all right yeah I got only fair that's only fair that we just we I want everyone else's take first and I'll agree with what everybody else says. Okay. Man this is a hot that a controversy all the time here with this game that a judge at that job. Timing is comedy joke how he would not play UConn drove. John time and IK IS LI in a nutshell here I gave Brittany yesterday. The win that because she guessed the blonde bully in the great kid with a Daniel as a defeat to win the champ or did you know it has to defeat. Was named Johnny. She's she says she said John I give it to a because John's derivative of Johnny I am John my mom calls me Johnny many people do I figured good enough. Amazingly not so fast she guessed Tommy. No obviously that's not the right answer things are looking for and and a college controversy has in sued if you can convince me. But I was wrong in awarding Brittany that prize I will take over and I will give Tammy are ams are I will give Britney. The 100 dollars from not ST CC checking account 61957. Though number 1973. Jan let's settle this like. American so I got a what's your take a. Even though John you never would've given that to Tammy. I don't I don't mean I don't -- the guy who was I kinda have something in the back in my memory GM on a college where he said that but that was not the specific neem and I was something. It was so I I I wish I knew I can remember exactly what all I know more than I think I kind of hammer. People dot if she would've been confident if they if they can test that would have been competent but it was the death. Isn't getting away from his cousins again as a means you guessed correctly but correctly. Thanks I think they keep gee and RA bills and alcohol and what's your take on the spell. Okay this and that it's a rewrite every time they try and she didn't have to pay out. Guess what into the. Thanks San Antonio based bell will help me stop or about it is. I'm whining because I promise I am not lining lines Hugh I am not whining married let's go to Matt in Ramon what do you think Matt. Well technically. I'm gonna have and he's back on that's one B gone. You the long bully that he had to eat well. There's another won't believe that the particle Burke guy and hit in Beirut and I know and at. Imports we get the championship oh my gosh there's Tommy. Is that there is Tommy beat other terror and other belonged. Park over try an agreement on. While that's a really good point wow was and crazier on. Here are on a Mormon sandy blonde at. Clearly emphasize long now wave of anti bottom line is no different than John or John yeah I'm. All right let's let's go to Mike thank you know it's a whole thing what do you think light. I'm sorry John I got to go to the other one because. Not one drop all be yeah. Already referred you. Jong. Hey I am sorry I don't feared they'd be. The entered that everything in the universe. That good morning. But I gotta go a cameo. Are. If you go to the script. That character's name will be Johnny correct there's a legal ideas of the lost footage of that Louisville and there's a scene on a Shia Islam Johnny's background and his mom is grounding him is oh my god audio ruling Iraq. It away but no one saw that part all right no problem thank you let's go to Chris in lakeside Chris what do you say I. Yesterday I called you can't beat Tammy. You're not caller. What I think is the golf all RA okay original remote rich what's your take on this. So like they. I mean I it's pretty clear cameo I think that you definitely want to. He had the cleared name there's one of the most famous plot and an all movie. And it's weed that late Johnny it's. Gotten. All right. New interest in did trends seeing you what the whole mood the mood change up up up up up up up up up all right so I I think it seems like John you're gonna have to pay the hundred dollars is ready to take it away from her this this wasn't taken money away from her but. That means I don't tell us I. Idols I will say this. Two arguments. Made that point correct to arguments have made me think that you're right I'm gonna have to pay the last one was three blade Johnny and the fact that there wasn't fact and Tommy. That was also blond boy that Daniel also had to beat. So yeah okay gotta pay the money against me now I will pay. The 800 dollars dialed I'll take that bill with doesn't mean you still have lost a 131 other time right exact I. He's at a loss for us to make you rich. Well when I'm wrong I guess I'm wrong hands aluminum extent put in 25 bucks and sees the woman also come. Up.