Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - August 27th, 2018

Monday, August 27th


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But I'm just an adventure. Timing is college of Hollywood not a and knowledge sessions. Pop culture questions. You correctly so more than two wet and followed Todd is going to. Oh and you don't was an able business is really good morning back. How are you that. Is wonderful thank you so much for asking you know would you please keep Jimmy out of the studio. And she's so sweet thank you free agent this morning Andrea good five pop culture questions for you give Maura and tables give 100 dollars over San Diego County. Critic and checking account when he SEC east do you simply think making it better and you best of luck team. Former reality TV star and White House eat Obama rose does tell all book about her time in the White House has risen to the top of the best seller lists. Amoroso first met president trump when she was a contestant on his reality television show where he started the phrase you're fired what was that show called. Like I know that don't match. Think it. Reviews for the public will be happy time murders are brutal summary viewers are actually referring to it as the worst movie of all time the movie was directed by Brian Henson. Who is the son of Jim Henson. Who is the creator of this legendary puppet franchise what's it called. Up Eddie Murphy's girlfriend is pregnant so let's play the high low game. This will be Eddie's eight child is that to liar too low. Added. To write a list of shows that are ending in 2019 include game of drones. Veep and this showtime thriller that stars Claire Danes as a CIA agent with a bipolar disorder what's this show called the. Oh yeah. I don't watch. And yet I. Finally Josh Randall or who. Start on How I Met Your Mother. Has allegedly harassing his neighbors over a property dispute so much so they got a restraining order against him which character. Was Josh on How I Met Your Mother. I don't like the show so we're gonna go it. Make it a trick question. All right you know what always gets interesting to call let's bring Tim back you know tap. Tami don't raping a baby present for a Pritchard just right now. Right exactly right like what we get just by the we did we get Jack yeah I. Tammy injury did two out of five today OK yeah. Jimmy former reality TV star White House. TV show. Where he started the phrase you're fired it was a show called the apprentice correct it's an injury in new that is 11 reviews for the public who read a happy time murders. Are brutal some reviewers are actually for me to as the worst movie of all time wow. The movie was directed by Brian Henson who's the son of Jim Henson who is the creator of this legendary puppet franchise was that called. At the puppet franchises from the Muppets. It was the first month but never made you know was a permit it was permit to Andrea also in the Muppets and so is all tied up to Jimmy he's number Eddie Murphy's girlfriend is pregnant. Let's quit the whole game. This will be eighties each child is that too high or too low that's too low to low and rain. Ten and five B mama's idiot now equal opportunity lover and guess oh really isn't who was making contact. Well not Andrea went with two high. Because I don't know common sense I know it's it's actually do allow and now it's read to Timmy Timmy a list of shows that are ending in 2019 include game of drones would be. And this showtime thriller stars Claire Danes the CIA agent with a bipolar disorder. What's it called on me and what does that show I've never watched of what I've seen things for it. Call me and I I can't come up with that I don't know. And that would be homeland. Homeland. If this year injury at the same exact thing you had he can grasp but I really want to buy no Atlanta Uga so it's now three to Tammy and finally Josh Randall from How I Met Your Mother. Has allegedly been harassing his neighbors over property dispute so much so they got a restraining order against him I'll. Ever been so Ingrid inebriated you restraining order against restraining order means that much of a hassle I just can't imagine that emotional problem but I guess I'm lucky Haley which character was Josh on your mother he was. Pre Smart kids. For character. I'm. The park. Booster ability to to do a Andrea Timmy wins but just by a score of three had to we don't get her money but we are gonna say it was something sweet. Literally just replaying this morning we are we're gonna give you fifty dollars suspended the brandy Dunkin' Donuts store. And they'll come when I don't think you guys got injured in the meantime. I had this free. Is the highest hit it Escondido and I want out and get a college of Hollywood Nachman. Alice it. So all planned.