Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - August 1st, 2017

Tuesday, August 1st


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It's not just an adventure. Timing is college. How he would not let. And dollar concessions when. I have. Pop culture questions. You correctly until more than Tammy you're wearing an old guy is going to establish. All right. Lee should you get the Chichi answers it can give out yesterday at 440. Oh here we go she's prepared which is already beaten Jimmy wants a sushi and make it twice. George animal Tony's foundation is forking over millions of dollars to help Syrian refugee children go to school. George got his start as doctor Doug Ross a what NBC show there after fifteen seasons. Our MTV president Chris McCarthy told the New York Times in new version of the showed TR EL will debut in October. What does TRL stands for. Sorry. Wesley Snipes turned 55 yesterday he played this half vampire half human in three films. What's the name of both the character and the franchise. Laurence Fishburne also celebrated a birthday recently losing the character he plays in the matrix movies. Where and finally production on season five aura of Arrested Development begins next week named the family the show revolves around. Oh my god yeah you're killing me. I am running a much erupted earlier and down now. All right Lisa on a damp there. Police jumped what you got going on today. Starting like at 8 o'clock came and rarely found in woody do. As counties at Eberhard events in drinking. Listen to you okay. While Timmy cliche is a one time winner she's beaten you the past okay if he's going to be issue again you have to do worse than three out of five okay. It worked enter edit I can't. Oh yeah at. Georgetown law police foundation is forking over billions of dollars to help Syrian refugee children go to school. What's better than a handsome George Clooney a charitable Jordan continues actually drooling right now from George got it started doctor Doug Ross on what NBC show that ran for fifteen seasons ER. Of course that's right police who knew that it's 11. And TV president Chris McCarthy told the New York Times a new version of the show TRL debut in October what does T Karl stand for. Total request live. It is total request live now it's remember that show it counted down the top ten videos of the day MTV hasn't played videos and how long and I know what are they gonna count down and the nation that is Weld's Tutu was least I turned 55 yesterday Tammy he played this half vampire half human and three films. What salable the character in the franchise Ding it's no I want to I watched that with my husband before. And I. Race. And fifth I know that's. I don't know if I actually eat leave it in the nation knew that police is leading 32 when she's beaten you previously. Terry Lawrence Fishburne also celebrated a birthday recently. Losing in the character he plays in the matrix movies. Knew what and where is his name. Of all my gosh I'm totally having. All. That and people are on me. I know. Right there leaning more and more CS yeah more Prius is his name now this is very interesting. The fifth question is the hardest Tammy you must get this right to force a tie in her whirlwind for you if not. For the second time. Police has beaten you this is never happened in the history of the college of Hollywood knowledge. The legislation. Don't care Timmy production on season five of Arrested Development begins next week. May in the family the show revolves around to it I haven't seen them from. Whole lie. That's just happened. It's the blue. Family police shot to Danish guy you get the rewrite and somehow for the first time ever. You're a two time champion it's at least college of it polished. Actually that. Huckabee is they could have gotten any better. Right hand your account so you can alone that hundred dollars from IC Diego county credit union. Checking account and also appeared to concede Sam hunt next Thursday at the mattress from a year. Old think adding the message here over 101000 tickets. Forget movies I just I have that will be I am I'm total mind while there are I believe it's inevitable for the second time and you get to say this. Actually the plan until that and I graduated again. I'm Cammie Pallet of you are now.