Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - April 23rd, 2018

Monday, April 23rd


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Laurie is in Chula Vista more Laura welcome bill lands new solo all. Shia or bring the kids is beautiful. I kicked him out of the hotel please. I. And I Ramirez to glorify cop called question you get more right than ten you'll get a hundred dollars over Carter money for ST CC checking account. San Diego County credit unions a Big Bang banking it's better best of luck to you here we go. As we just meant to airline Lego land. 12014 Lego movie what was the super catchy song that every one was singing is it everything is awesome everything is he lucky or everything is. Mean. Oh. Yeah. The guy Cody Aerosmith song dude looks like a leading. That was featured in the movie mrs. doubtfire admits that the song was actually written after the band thought that Vince Neil from Motley Crue was a woman at first. Singer Steven Tyler actually said well do it looks like a lady. Is that sure false. Last night on CBS Molly ring wall took on Jon crier on the show drop the Mike. What 1986. Classic movie to the two starring together. Mongering about 86. Not the wreck that Pope well let it you know he selects. A yes or no account and pull a pretty good. Just in time the any short comedy I feel he came out over the weekend this is her third starring role in the movie the first was train wreck. Maybe the second movie where she co star with Oscar winner Goldie Hawn. I don't know. I came to that it had. It was hilarious. Curled. I don't know. All right and finally John C attorneys 41 today. John's mostly famous for his work in professional wrestling. But also has done some movie acting. Name the comedy that John is in right now that also stars Leslie Mann and I spirit holds about parents who try to stop their kids from acting crazy at prom. I kind of get him back candidate to make. The Lori what happened with Judith and I. And getting our OK Lori did three out of five today to stop Lori get a lot of land as you probably know. In the Tony fourteen Lego movie what was the super catchy song ever rule is singing is everything is awesome everything is yucky where everything is me. Everything is awesome. Sure is Laurie saved or would you care to know that's okay thank you on behalf of everyone yearly event. It's 11 Lori knew that. They got a cold the host of the song do looks like a lady that was featured moving mrs. doubtfire admits that the song actually was written after the band. Thought that Vince Neal for Motley Crue was a woman at first that the singer Steven Tyler actually said world he looks like a lady. That you were false that is true does that still. 100% true. Of course since the other time was wearing rouge and lipstick yeah I agree highlights and is there are so you can imagine the mistake. It's 22 Lori knew that last and CBS Molly were able to go on Jon crier on the show dropped the Mike. What 1986 classic movie the two starring together. They were in pretty and he pretty and tank. Jon crier crushed the soul of many many fans. Who thought that ducky belong with Myron molds character when he said guys decorated like girls and what they watch it. Anyway Lori knew that it's 33. The issue or comedy I feel pretty came on over the weekend. This is your third starring role in a movie the first was train wreck. The in the second we were she costar with Oscar winner Goldie Hawn yet you know what'll be on the so was our and that movie she's had some worked under facial can really weird. Things about UV you can look and there was something weird about I don't know what it won't suddenly her cheeks for her eyes I don't know it was. Hostage kidnapped. All. Dean it. Is it hostage kidnapped yeah. It blows snatched snacks yes they'd inside the hostage kidnapped Danny distant make these. Just she looked different still tied at three and finally Tammy Johnson who turns 41 today. John's mostly Bemis resort of professional wrestling but also done some movie acting. Name of comedy did Jon is in right now that also stars Leslie Mann and I parent holds about parents who try to stop their kids from acting crazy and prompt. Blockers it is blockers. There will be hilarious. Lawrie did not. Come up with a so they the final score is Timmy for Lori threes alert we can't get Xia Tammy is hard earned money today. But we do a nice prize for playing the college Hollywood now this morning. Where it is a chip with a family four pack of tickets to see world. Gloria welcome very much take your plane this morning but before you leave I do of this for you. Your high and Lori from Cilic and eye contact Tammy a college of Hollywood knowledge.