Tammy's Camping Adventure

Tuesday, January 16th


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Prison staff is always on Jon and recorder people in the I'm John Q. And recently we are talking about hey if you see is somewhere please feel free to come up and say hi and it actually happened this weekend when I was out in the desert camping what's your name and where you from. Ginger grant from Escondido Taylor right from Escondido now ginger you came up to me at the campsite and what's the first thing you said to me. So funny to me you because they listen to you every morning and I heard a story. That would John went through December 21 about the dog on the corner and this dog girl do not read. Reach out to him because kids her and her husband and and said to meet the software can she's like whoa okay. I was out shopping too is a last minute Christmas shopping in Carlsbad village with my daughter. Outside spin records and I was I was petting his beautiful dog not knowing the entire time at the dog's owners were KS or more realistically the same thing grant. The way are you meet are you recordings and your phone yeah so tremendously clear thank you. This country and I'm very impressed with the recording device on your phone and we have the same one. Now the recording of it now it again iPhone app special want to Droid EU. OK I don't know if you can't appear at the same as my you're getting all over the place I was just I was impressed how technology that's a really good sounding a guy's running it or not. Think that I that you guys were saying and that you want us to reach out here and say hello and an energy use and get hugged me and say yeah that's why I reached out to you yet it did and so we did we have just leave it. It was awesome it's a small world that we in the same camp site definitely you know we have a mutual friend and a did you have a good weekend ice. Awesome weekend the team and it's OK Ed tot tell us a little bit about breaking Digi. These parents Richard and Angie decided decided not easily broke the Clinton now out on accident. It was fun it was I get a job it was fantastic always wonderful to meet you guys and think you for coming in saying I think that's exactly what we ask you to do exactly and I'm glad we did our thing and thank you Tammy betting Internet. Nicest people the world rain well I'm actually thrilled about Boston dwindled there close and that's what you do out there that that there me to do it scratched you know it worked on by it was in the super fun. It's ME meet. There. Welcome that the guy like I like the direction assist local Alderman. Remember if it did just like if you see something say something you see us please say hello we'd love to meet June regularly and put you on the air and totally busted a Jeep when the weekend of firsts for Tammy and and tackling some fear is good for you girlfriends snap from. Went out with some good friends of ours off to superstition mountain. Here in San Diego and imperial county and did some camping we did last year. And we is just coming in the sufficient to support a search dogs but we ended up with some other friends. Who showed up as well. But there's a lot of playoff football involved this weekend big week in a playoff football and the guys in staying home watching Pope Paul the whole time and my frankly and I when Allen drove all the desert in the razor. Mussina I did a couple of trees that line videos on German team is FaceBook page in an Q assailants FaceBook page. But on after what am I rides we're almost back and I decided it was even have to actually attempt to dry of the RAZR I've never driven one. And it's not mine's not a supporter who. Not drive I would I would wanna drive and immediately well because I'm I'm just I'm just kind of a nervous Nellie when it comes to things and I I wanted. Feel comfortable for whatever reason like wild rabbits are right right the girl. Yeah. Yeah. You hear me out. It's against him. Nervous when he saw me coming here and it's. Tim was going to three miles an hour. Yeah I was doing too bad actually but. And in the bomber is is that though the phone actually start recording because I actually did a little bird out and it Padilla answered I don't do Rendell and better so you know we get closer and closer closer closer re doing and the other thing is you know hall during a nice and I am answered yes you go horribly afraid horribly afraid of heights in the course the grade going in is is very scary. Com but I drove the RV back. Why she. Because my hazards like can you draw and I said okay I'll drive even though he knows held here remind you aren't sure I didn't got to you know I got you don't have fitter. But what if I wasn't here this weekend and you wanted to go we got to know how to do its parent by. I. Am right now around every. I'm ready are you home. So we'd go up to 4000 on that one it's it's a little bit scary at its nerve for somebody that I do you battle your fear of heights while driving all the gigantic piece of Michigan really you're right well the big thing is it wasn't super windy. Which was very very very helpful 'cause what it's windy at those vehicles me and you are it's really hard to try to keep remind us. Kenny is not joking when it comes to be your for your fights them when that we've made our first drive in the Palm Springs we took the scenic route through the mountains when Tammy. Literally had to like scroll wheel fetal position. Closest. To the opposite side of the drop off via. Because she couldn't handle down dropped the idea. It couldn't handle even like looking button but yet he drove I did. I drove by did it myself a new focus I focus on that center line that's what I try to hang on to but the cool thing is we saw a couple baby on big corn chip on the way home is really neat yeah in their orange and know. Their babies CE. We used different weakens yeah I picked or result my tree and squeezed orange juice and in my daughter's head only hash browns. Hewitt and governor raise your yeah that Marvin poaching an annual. I. Love. Coats and once okay. I. We're different like we're like you the guy in the show. Up up. I'm gonna happen what is happening and you're thinking years ago. Exactly calm minded.