Tammy's 50 Before 50: Raquel Wants to Make Cheese

Wednesday, January 18th


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Rochelle I understand you got another fifty before fifty challenge or invitation what have you for our Tammy here. And Greenspan I dear Lou I am or both are gone then. And a diehard Green Day packer fans nanny packer fans come on yes they our our line you know we welcome it that's good luck and I'll never leave our city OK I'm glad you. You're spending McKinney because I so enjoy keeping up with all of our activities. And I thought being from Wisconsin then maybe we can find how to make she is clapping or Diego and good to get. All right now now wait back in the day I work in the cheese factory but I never actually made she is guy. I ground cheese that end up turning and. To the powdered cheese that went under it just treat us she has what ever they can do that for 12 that's a great idea and if I'm not mistaken doesn't show Brad not a rich she's hurt yourself. Unruly you don't want on the kind of up to double check them which kind of cheese and our engineer here JR he may cheese afford to eat that cheese maker at home. Omega they would not have that. That about JR yeah I was house you wanna know. I think she's heard as a nickname yeah massive. Anyone that they have fun playing out I'm pretty sure pretty I'm pretty sure that shaft bracket teachers how to make she's up on little things that live on the air yeah. I think I can get behind. And Michelle Michelle. You're totally in my would you would you come in the studio and to live on the air. I 100% what we could be like Laverne and Shirley. It shocked and I really unable to recreate that opening scene for us OK I have to practice and Ronald Reagan with big round done. Here's the deal if you come in studio John can not harass you for being a Packers I am playing please don't think I think for this Sunday they'll pack in the we can make you put it can mean I'm isn't going to be fine nick this is gonna be a lot of Fun League this works all right so looking articulate. All right Michelle thanks for thinking damn. Is this an old cheesy here buying into pencil and we may push up ravaged easier place year old west village she's. I remember I used remember it was with the weird it's called a cheese cloth. Yeah I was with some odd to me like what is that he's caught he's gonna. Yeah. It is Q that he had a busy after it. Hello I'm not I don't know I. Our analysts who have made this works sixteen days from now Tammy turns fifty. February 3 should you wanna get a card in the mail before and I know I won't let them. If I don't mean it's very sixteen days nearly fifty years old while it was not possible.